Hannon Products Agents In South Africa. Full Details

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About Hannon 

When it comes to beauty, Hannon Bothma, co-owner of the HANNON brand, is a household name. He is well-known for his work as a stylist and consultant on make-overs that have been on television and in all of South Africa’s major fashion magazines. He is a well-known television personality who is interviewed on national radio on a weekly basis about fashion, beauty, and image issues.

Hannon teamed up with Julius Swart, a promotions and marketing specialist, in 1997 after founding his first hair-and-makeup business in Cape Town. Hannon became well-known for his ability to change any woman into a stunning princess in a matter of minutes. This aptitude, along with his distinct sense of humour, propelled him to the stage, where he now hosts makeover performances for large audiences. He entertains, educates, and motivates women about beauty and their position in society today during these events.

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Hannon quickly recognised the need for distinctive and professional hair care and make-up collection in South Africa, thanks to his broad experience in the cosmetic sector. Hannon Hair Care and Faces was created after significant research and development in both France and South Africa. Hannon Hair Care and Faces is available through a restricted number of professional hair and beauty salons, where Hannon himself interacts with salon clients on hair and make-up on a regular basis.

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It’s not all about the image in Hannon’s life. He believes that “if you can’t give, you can’t get.” He gives one day a week to several South African charity groups by delivering image seminars and make-over exhibitions.

Hannon Products In South Africa 

The Hannon brand manufactures and supplies 4 kinds of products. They are:

  • Skin Care Products
  • Make-up products
  • Hair care products
  • Pet care products

Hannon Products Agents In South Africa

If you are looking for an agent who deals in Hannon products, then this is the right place to be. Below are some renowned Hannon product agents in South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

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Freestate and Vaal Triangle 

Agent: Jeanette Lube

Email: [email protected]

Call now on: 071 679 2785

Gauteng – Pretoria and KZN

Agent: Charmaine Joubert

Email: [email protected]

Call now on: 084 752 8975

Western Cape And Southern Cape

Agent: Magda Pretorius

Email: Pretoriusmagdahotmail.com

Call now on: 074 125 4547

Mpumalanga & Limpopo

Agent: Karine Jansen van Vuuren

Email: [email protected]

Call now on: 074 869 8183

JHB East Rand / JHB Central

Agent: Rozanne Foulds

Email: [email protected]

Call now on: 071 679 3376

North West And JHB West Rand

Agent: Marlese Scholtz

Email: [email protected]

Call now on: 082 505 9660

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