Zola Net Worth & Source of Income

In this post, we bring you the net worth of Zola also known as Zola 7. We will discuss his source of income, music business (career), endorsement deals, ambassadorial deals, family and personal life. Zola 7 is a talented South Africa musician with much recognition in the South African music industry.

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We are going to make known to you how much this artist is worth.


About Zola 7

Born 24th April, 1977, Bonginkosi Dlamini professionally known as Zola is a South African musician, poet, actor and presenter. He grew up in Zola, a township in Soweto.

Age: 43




Zola is best known as an actor, songwriter and a musician. Simply put Zola is a media personality.


He gained prominence for his exceptional role as a notorious gangster in the television series named Yizo Yizo. He also played a role in the Academy Award-winning film titled Tsotsi in 2005.

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Zola also has a prominent role in the documentary named SHARP!-SHARP!. Presently he is much involved in music and also has minor roles in some television series.


Zola has hosted a couple of top-notch television programmes in South Africa. Utatakho, a television programme produced by Connect TV (2015) was presented by Zola.

Hope with Zola is a documentary and reality show on Moja Love. The programme started in October 2018 and is hosted by Zola.


Bonginkosi Dlamini has enjoyed success as a musician in Kwaito and also one of the most popular artists in South Africa. He is signed to an independent music record label called Ghetto Ruff

On 7 July 2007 Zola performed at the South African Leg of Live Earth.

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Aside music, acting and hosting on TV, Zola also ventured into radio broadcasting. He’s been a radio show host for popular stations such as Massiv Metro amongst others


Aside his for-profit career, Zola is on a mission to empower the youth to attain higher heights in education. Over the years, he’s dedicated most of his time helping the needy and giving back to the community.


Zola Net Worth in 2020

Zola 7 is estimated to be US$200,000 as of 2020.


Zola 7 Music Business/Career and Source of Income

As a professional musician, Zola makes most of his income from the music he makes. He has released about 6 albums so far with Intathakusa being the latest.

The artist makes money from his business (record label), music sales, album sales, tours, concerts, endorsement deals, ambassadorial deals, YouTube streams, amongst others.

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He has over 12,000 YouTube subscribers and about 2 million total views.

Zola is also the owner of the music company Guluva Entertainment.

Zola Net Worth

Zola 7 Albums

His albums are obviously making some good sales on digital music stores both in South African and internationally. This has greatly contributed to his net worth.

See below the list of albums Zola has release so far.

  • Intathakusa
  • Ibutho
  • Bhambatha
  • Khokhovula
  • Mdlwembe




All questions answered


Awards won

  • Artist of the Year – 2002
  • Best Soundtrack – Yizo Yizo
  • Best Music Video – Ghetto Scandalous
  • Best Kwaito Album – Umdlwembe
  • He also received three Metro FM Awards 2001
  • Song of the Year – Ghetto Scandalous
  • Best Album of the Year – Umdlwembe
  • Best Kwaito Album – Umdlwembe

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