Wood Paint Price. Full Details

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Wood finishes preserve hardwood surfaces from moisture and enhance their appearance by making them look richer and deeper.

Wood finishes differ from painting in that painting conceals the original hardwood surface, whereas wood finishes enhance the beauty of the surface.

Finish can also refer to multiple coats of finish or a whole build-up of the coating. The most popular types of wood finishes are shown here.

Finishing a wood surface is highly suggested, whether the furniture is new or old. Finishing is accomplished by applying a liquid to the surface of the wood.

Thus, wood finishing generates a dashing-like wood material and adds a protective covering. Surface finishing and penetrating finishing are the two forms of wood finishes. On daily-use furniture, woodworkers typically apply two or three coats of paint.

Types Of Wood Finishing

Surface Finishing: This form of finishing is easier to apply and gives wood a more natural appearance. Surface treatments are applied to the surface of wood.

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Penetrating Finishing: This sort of finishing is used inside furniture and is long-lasting, but it does not produce a natural effect on walls. Linseed, Danish, and Tung oil are penetrating oils that give wood a natural and bold appearance.

Types Of Wood Paint


Dyes could match the existing color or modify the color of the surface. Dyes are wood treatments that come in both water-based and oil-based varieties. Interior wooden surfaces are protected by these wood treatments.

Oil finishes

Unfurnished wood looks better with oil wood treatments. The natural oils found in wood deteriorate with time. Oil finishes replenish the natural oils in the wood grain. It effectively protects the wood for both internal and outdoor use.


Oil, solvents, and resins are used to make varnishes. Typically, they are clear and translucent. They provide greater UV protection. Varnishes take time to dry. The application of the varnish on top of the dyes provides better protection.

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Shellac is a natural wax finish created by an insect that lives on a tree. A blend of the tree’s collected wax and an alcohol solvent improves consistency. Shellac comes in a variety of hues. It’s simple to use and dries rapidly. It provides the wood a gleaming shine.


Wood stains alter or improve the color of the wood. They come in a variety of hues. If the wood stains are darker than the color of the wood, they function better. The grains become more visible as a result. They do not safeguard the wood. For further protection, wood stain is applied first, followed by a coat of wood finish.


Lacquers are thin solvent based finishes as compared to the other finishes. They are usually applied by spraying. Lacquers dry fast because it contains evaporating the solvent. It riches deeper into the wood and nourishes the grains and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Lacquers bring a glossy look to the wood.

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Water-Based Finishes

Water-based finishes provide a cleaner, clearer finish and emit less odor than oil-based finishes. Because they have a thin consistency, they dry quickly. They give the hardwood surface a natural appearance. Water-based wood finish’s flexibility allows it to easily attach to any surface.

French Polish

Since the nineteenth century, the French polishing process has been used. It is a traditional wood finishing technique. It’s a concoction of shellac and alcohol. This finish is applied to the wooden surface with an oil-lubricated rubbing pad. It gives the hardwood surface the most gleaming aspect.

Wood Paint Price In South Africa

Below are the prices for wood paint in south africa.

Plascon Woodcare Wood Preservative – Clear (1L) R325
Woodgard Timba preservative – Dark Oak (5L) R659
Silkseal Wood Preservative – Gold/Brown (5L) R525
Gripseal Everwood Water Based Oil – Light Oak (5L) R575
Fired Earth Velvet Wood Soft Wood – Clear (5L) R540

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