Brick Making Machine Price List

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A brick producing machine is a machine that uses electrical vibration and hydraulic pressure to make bricks. These machines are manufactured in a variety of configurations with varying levels of automation and capacity.

Brick producing machines are one of the most important machines in the construction industry since they manufacture all of the hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, and curbstones needed in construction.

Many countries manufacture brick-making machines with varying systems and pricing, but the technique is nearly identical in all of them. The procedure involves applying pressure to concrete mortar in order to compress it and form diverse shapes.

Brick Making Machine Capacity

It is critical to comprehend the meaning of brick making machine capacity since it is an international standard around which every manufacturer bases their machine. The capacity of a brick building machine is determined by the number of standard blocks it can make in a single cycle.

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The normal concrete brick that we are discussing has dimensions of 20cm width, 40cm length, and 20cm height. If you want to learn more about the items, check out our articles “What is Hollow Block?” and “What is Hollow Concrete Block?”.

Types Of Brick Making Machine

Brick making machine has different names based on the bricks it produces.

When this machine produces hollow blocks, it is called a hollow block machine.

It is called a concrete block machine when it produces solid concrete blocks.

When you use interlocking molds in your production line, it is called an interlocking brick machine.

Also, some customers order their machine as a double-hopper machine, this machine is generally called a paving block machine because it can produce double-layer paving bricks.

As you see, there are different names for this machine so don’t get confused when they are used interchangeably.

Types Of Concrete Block Shapes

This machine has various names depending on its manufacturing, as detailed in this article. For brick production equipment, there are about 600 distinct molds available. The height of the product for our classic machines must be between 5cm and 30cm, and the height of the product for our compact series must be between 2cm and 25cm.

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1. Hollow concrete blocks

2. Solid concrete blocks

3. Paving blocks

4. Curbstones

5. Asmolen blocks

6. Styrofoam blocks

Consider the various additives available on the market for use in the concrete mortar required to make these blocks. Each of these chemicals improves the mortar in some way. You must also consider market demand while selecting the correct addition for your firm.

How To Choose The Right Brick Making Machine For Your Business

This is the most important component of your project. To choose the proper machine, you must consider every detail of the machine.

First and foremost, you must consider vibration force and hydraulic pressure. These two factors are the most crucial because they have a direct impact on the quality of your goods.

Second, you must keep track of the raw materials utilized to make the machines. It is critical because high-quality raw materials, such as metal sheets, will keep your machine together for a long period.

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Third, you should investigate which brands the producer employs for electric and hydraulic components. This is critical because it determines your machine’s defect rate. The finest options are well-known German brands.

Brick Making Machine Price List

Below are the price list of brick making machine in south africa.

2022 Sino Plant Brick Mould Stock Brick R 3 579
2022 Sino Plant Lintel Machine 110 x 140mm R 92 450
2022 Sino Plant Slab Making Machine R 101 010
2022 Sino Plant Static 315 Brick Machine R 319 500
2022 Sino Plant Brick Machine – Static 426 R 159 950
2022 Sino Plant Brick Machine – Static 425 R 235 800
2022 Sino Plant M9 Cavity Brick – 380V R 59 500
2022 Sino Plant Interlocking Paver 220V R 55 195
2022 Sino Plant Stock Brick 220V R 29 750
2022 Sino Plant M9 Cavity Brick – 220V R 30 550


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