Swimming Pool Filter Prices. Full Details

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Pool filters are as essential to your pool as kidneys are to your body. That may sound disgusting, but it’s true. Though chlorine and other sanitizers work to kill bacteria and other impurities in the water, the filter is what truly eliminates them. Without it, the water in your pool would get hazy and clogged with particles. Swimming isn’t exactly enjoyable.

So, how do you pick the greatest one? It’s not about which one is the cheapest, though price is certainly a consideration. You want a filter that will catch impurities, is simple to clean and maintain, and will endure more than a few seasons. To pick the greatest choice for your pool, you must first understand

Pool Filter Types

The first step in selecting the optimal filter is to understand your possibilities. There are three types of filters available: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth, or D.E. The price, frequency of replacement, and filtration rates change depending on the type. And how to clean a pool filter will also vary depending on the type you choose.

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But, before you can truly evaluate pool filter types, how well they function, and how much maintenance they take, you must first understand microns.

Sand Filters

A sand filter is the greatest option if you’re on a tight budget and want to spend as little time as possible on maintenance. It is also ideal for larger pools because it does not clog as easily as other filters.

Your pool pump draws water from the skimmers and then pushes it through a big sand-filled filtration tank. Inside the tank, the normal media is #20 silica sand. It captures particles 20 microns and greater.

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Cartridge Filters

Though slightly more expensive than sand filters, cartridge filters are just as simple to maintain and more effective if you don’t have a large pool.

A plastic cylinder is encircled by pleated polyester filter media and capped on each end inside a tank significantly smaller than their sand counterparts. Water enters the tank and runs through the pleats. Debris as small as 10 microns is caught in the filter, and clean water is returned to the pool.

Cartridges are both energy efficient and cost effective. The filter will need to be cleaned as impurities accumulate. Instead of backwashing, remove the cartridge from the tank and spray it with a hose to remove debris and dirt.

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Filters

The most expensive and time-consuming option also filters the smallest particles of all three types of filters: 5 microns.

Grids or “fingers” covered in the crumbly, white powder are found in D.E. filter tanks. The powder is created from the crushed fossilized remains of diatoms, which are small aquatic creatures. Though D.E. and sand pool filters are not the same, the fossils in D.E. are likewise silica-based. The powdery ingredient can be found in pest control, cosmetics, and even toothpaste, but D.E. used in pool filters is heat-treated to function as a filtration media. So, when you run out of D.E., don’t go sprinkling pest-control powder into your pool filter, okay? We’re talking about several types of pests here.

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Swimming Pool Filter Prices

Below are the prices of swimming pool filter in south africa.

Sun Command 4 Bag Pool Filter R5,999
Bluechem Pool 3 Bag Filter – Blue R3,799
Suncommand Pool Filter 3bag R4,999


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