Harvey Tile Prices In South Africa

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The Harvey tile range of lightweight steel tile roofing products is manufactured and marketed by Harvey Roofing Products (HRP), a branch of Macsteel Service Centres SA.

Harvey has earned an exceptional reputation in every region where it does business because of its unwavering commitment to quality.

HARVEY ROOFING PRODUCTS are made from the highest quality materials available, ensuring consistent and reliable quality and suitability for a wide range of roofing applications (Commercial, Domestic and Industrial).

Why Chose Harvey Roofing Products

At Harvey Roofing Products, we go to considerable lengths to ensure that each and every one of our roofing tiles meets the highest quality standards. We get to use the best steel because we’re a division of Africa’s premier steel supplier, Macsteel.

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The steel is then prepared and pressed to the tightest tolerances, the tile is painted with the finest paints and binding materials, the tile is covered with only the best surfaces, and the tile is ultimately finished with the best aesthetics. If rust protection is required, use the best rust prevention coating as soon as possible.

All of this is done while inspecting the tile at each stage of the way.

Quality Check At Harvey Roofing Products

They carefully inspect each tile when it is finished to guarantee that it meets their high quality requirements. Only until they are sure that the final product satisfies their high quality standards do they stamp each tile with the Harveytile Quality Stamp.

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This means that if a tile bears the Harvey Quality Stamp, you can rest assured that it is a Harvey tile made to the highest standards.

It’s not a Harveytile if it doesn’t say so… The Harveytile Quality Stamp can be found on the product.

Harvey Elite Roof Tiles

In a basic yet breath-takingly trendy appearance, this unique splendor goes far beyond the bounds of inventiveness.

Harvey Elite Roof Tiles are lightweight, leakproof, and weatherproof, and they not only look excellent, but they also decrease long-term maintenance and costs on your roof structure. Harvey Elite Roof Tiles are available in 5 popular colors and will not crack, fade, or leak no matter what the weather throws at them.

Harvey Elite Roof Tiles Specification

Overall length: 1 675 mm
Cover length: 1 600 mm
Overall width: 397 mm
Cover width: 369 mm
Mass per Tile: 3,9 kg
Mass per m²: 6,6 kg
No. of Tiles per m²: 1,69

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Harvey Tile Prices In South Africa

Below are prices of harvey tiles in South Africa.

Harvey Steel Tile Angle Ridge Thatch R174.95
Steel Tile Angle Ridge Dark Blue R162.95
Steel Tile Square Ridge Cap Burgundy R139.95
Harvey Tile Burgundy Elite Design R136.95
Harvey Tile Dark Blue Elite Design R139.95
Harvey Tile Emerald Elite Design R157.95
Harvey Tile Green Elite Design R142.95
Harvey Tile Terracotta Elite Design R142.95
Harvey Tile Thatch Shake Design R172.95
Harvey Tile Black Elite Design R136.95


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