South African Law Enforcement Agencies. Complete List

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What Is A Law Enforcement Agency? 

A Law Enforcement Agency is any government agency or institution responsible for the enforcement of the laws.

SAPS is South Africa’s principal law enforcement body, responsible for investigating crime, and maintaining safety and security throughout the country.

Importance Of Law Enforcement Agencies 

Law enforcement agencies respond to, detect, and prevent crime. Within this perspective, it is recognized that police officers play a significant role in adapting and responding to unexpected or unknown situations, as well as recognized situations, such as theft or domestic dispute.

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South African Law Enforcement Agencies

Below is the list of law enforcement agencies currently present in South Africa.

  • South African Police Service (1994- )
  • Municipal/Metropolitan Police Service (1998- )
  • Hawks ( Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation/SAPS) – 2009

Decommissioned South African Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Transkei Police (1976–94)
  • Bophuthatswana Police (1977–94)
  • Venda National Force (1979–85)
  • Venda Police (1985–94)
  • KwaZulu Police (1980–94)
  • Ciskei Police (1981–94)
  • Gazankulu Police (1982–94)
  • QwaQwa Police (1983–94)
  • Lebowa Police (1984–95)
  • KaNgwane Police (1986–94)
  • KwaNdebele Police (1987–94)
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How Much Is A SAPS Personnel Salary? 

South African Police Services pays its employees an average of R219,462 a year. Salaries at South African Police Services range from an average of R149,384 to R372,568 a year. South African Police Services employees with the job title Police Captain make the most with an average annual salary of R338,136, while employees with the title Administrative Clerk make the least with an average annual salary of R164,476.

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Job Title Range Average
Police or Sheriff’s Patrol Officer R98k – R386k R246,757
Police Sergeant R209k – R252k R233,549
Police Captain R205k – R486k R338,136
Constable R122k – R210k R174,408
Administration Clerk R105k – R267k R176,067
Police Detective R136k – R342k R203,876
Policeman R63k – R335k R190,081


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