Australian Agents In Zimbabwe. Full Details

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Who Is A Migration Agent? 

Migration Agents provide information and advice to potential migrants, prepare and lodge visa applications, and act as intermediaries to legally represent clients during visa processing and before review bodies.

How Registered Migration Agents Can Help

Below is how a registered migration officer can help you travel abroad.

  • keep your money in a separate account until they provide their services.
  • keep proper client records for 7 years.
  • tell you about your visa outcome as soon as possible.
  • keep a professional library with direct access to migration law.
  • keep their immigration knowledge up to date.

How To Check If A Migration Agent Is Registered?

Only licenced migration agents and attorneys are allowed to charge for immigration services. Search the Register of Migration Agents to identify a registered migration agent.

You can search the Register by:

  • location.
  • name, or.
  • the migration agent registration number (MARN).

Visit OMARA and check if the agent is registered before dealing with them.

Australian Agents In Zimbabwe

Below is the list of renowned agencies in Zimbabwe that have registered Australian agents and also have what it takes to handle all your travel needs.

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1. Protegee International
Address: Harare, Zimbabwe

2. Koala Education Services – Bulawayo
Address: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

3. Globally Focused Education CC trading as Global Education- Harare
Address: Harare, Zimbabwe

4. Eskard Consultancy 

Address: Harare, Zimbabwe

5. Vee Education Link – Harare
Address: Harare, Zimbabwe

Important Tips You Need When Choosing An Agent

1. Make Sure the Agent is registered with OMARA

The first and most important step is to check with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority to see if the migration agent is registered (MARA). It’s critical that the agent you hire is registered with MARA, as this organisation oversees all migration agents in Australia and ensures that they are qualified to provide relocation help. There is no way to establish if a migration agent is trustworthy or knowledgeable about Australia’s immigration laws and procedures if they are not registered with MARA. MARA-registered agents are required to keep up to date on migration law.

2. Check What Other Clients Have to Say About Them

Checking what previous clients have to say about a migration agent is one of the finest ways to see if they are good. A smart place to start is Google Reviews. Companies can’t delete or edit their reviews on Google, thus these reviews aren’t skewed by the firm. Check the firm’s star rating; you should only choose agents with a rating of 4 stars or higher, but also read the reviews. Find out what their clients liked about them, as well as what they didn’t like. When the negative evaluations start to outnumber the favourable ones, that’s the biggest red flag.

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3. Meet the Agent Face-to-Face in a Consult

Meeting your migration agent in person before hiring them may seem like a no-brainer, but many individuals skip this step in order to save time. If you are paying a significant price for a service, however, you must ensure that you are choosing the correct migration agency for the job. Meeting with a migration agent and asking them any questions you may have about their service is the best approach to get to know them. If you live off-shore and can’t meet with the agent in person, try setting up a skype or phone session. Some migration agencies charge for this initial consultation, while others provide it for free.

4. Look for a Migration Agent with Experience

Although inexperienced migration agents are frequently less expensive than professional ones, you may be jeopardising your visa application by choosing the less expensive choice. The Australian immigration system is extremely complicated, and understanding it requires years of experience. So, when it comes to asking your migration agency how many years of experience they have, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s much better if your migration agent is also a lawyer, as this means they have even more familiarity with the legal system and dealing with legal paperwork.

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 5. Ask the Agent What Their Success Rate Is

Asking the migration agent about their success rate is the next question you should not be afraid to ask. Although no agent can guarantee the success of a visa application, a migration agent’s success rate can give you an idea of how good they are. Furthermore, be aware of migration agents who are willing to take on any case that comes their way. Honest migration agents would only embark on cases that they actually believe in, rather than providing false hope to customers by filing an application that has a significant possibility of being rejected.

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