Nurse Salary in South Africa.

If you want to know the salary of nurses in South Africa, you are at home. How much do nurses earn in SA?

We will give you all the details you have to know in this post.

In this post we are going to make known to you every detail you need to know about a Nurse’s salary in South Africa.

The primary responsibility of a nurse is to cater for the sick in the aspect of serving medications, giving health education, assisting doctors to perform surgeries, keeping records and other management roles.


There are different kinds or categories of nurses in South Africa. Each of theses types of nurses take home different monthly salaries.

The highest rank in the nursing profession will obviously be paid higher wages than those with little or no years of experience.

It is important that you know the salary of Nurses especially if you are a nursing student in SA or are planning to pursue a career in that regard.

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We will also answer the following questions.

  • Student nurse salary
  • Staff nurse salary in South Africa
  • Auxiliary nurse salary
  • Military nurse salary per month in SA
  • Enrolled nurse salary in SA


Nurses salary structure in the Public Sector South Africa

Classification of nurses (RN)

  • Nursing assistant
  • Staff nurse
  • Professional nurse (general nurse, specialist nursing, nursing education).

Under the various classifications, there are grade 1, 2 & 3.

The various components of a nurse salary are explained below.

The management level salary is based on a Total Cost to Employer package whiles production and supervisory levels are based on a basic salary with the following allowances

  • Housing – R 1670
  • Medical aid – R 16 872 – R 64668
  • Birthday bonus – 8,333%
  • Uniform allowance
  • Standby allowance
  • Contributions to pension schemes – 13%
  • Occupational specific dispensation
  • Rural and inhospital allowances – 12% and 8%
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See the salary of the various nurse’s classification in the table below.

Nurse Net Salary
Professional nurse (community service) R 20 687
General nurse (Grade 1) R 18 846
General nurse (Grade 2) R 22 465
General nurse (Grade 3) R 26 365
Operational Manager Nurse (Grade 1) R 29 801
Operational Manager nurse (Grade 2) R 33 607
Assistant Manager Nursing R 36 146
Deputy Manager Nursing (Level 1 and 2) R 37 049
Manager nursing (Level 3) R 40 782
Staff nurse grade 1 R 13 274
Staff nurse grade 2 R 15 595
Staff nurse grade 3 R 17 929
Nurse assistant Grade 1 R 10 697
Nurse assistant grade 2 R 12 373
Nursing assistant Grade 3 R 14 468


Nurses salary in the private sector in South Africa

The salary in the private sector differs from that of the public sector.

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How much do professional nurses earn per month in South Africa?

A professional nurse in community service in South Africa earns an average of R 20 687.

What kind of nurses get the highest salary?

Nursing managers are the highest paid nurses in South Africa.


Like every other occupation, the higher your level of education, the higher your salary.  Aside the monthly wages given nurses, there are certain bonuses and allowances that may come directly from the private or government hospital one is working for.

Looking at the amount (salary) explained above, the salary of nurses is manageable. However, one can start a business to augment the income in order to take care of himself/herself and family.

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