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Dentist salary in South Africa is discussed in this writeup. The various components of their salary, salary per month and annum are also discussed.

If you are a student aspiring to become a dentist in South Africa, this post will help you to understand the salary structure and career path available.

The salary of a dentist in the public per month and annum differs from those employed in the private sector. This post only focuses much on the public sector dentists.

Dentist salary in south africa
Dentist salary in south africa

Also included in this post are:

  • Salary of dental therapist in South Africa
  • Dentist career path
  • Dentist training guide in South Africa
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Categories or classification of dentists in South Africa

  • Dentist (general)
  • Dental specialist
  • Dental services (management stream)

Dentist Salary Components


Table of dentist salary

Community service R 45 354, 61
Dental officer grade 1 R 46 984,10
Dental officer grade 2 R 58 836,59
Dental officer grade 3 R 61 117,74
Clinical manager grade 1 R 65 185, 47
Senior clinical Manager R 86 827,90
Specialist grade 1 R 69 567,95
Specialist grade 2 R 79, 375,47
Specialist grade 3 R 95 106,14
Head of clinical unit grade 1 R 91 329,09
Head of clinical unit grade 2 R 106 557,90
Head of clinical department R 110,810,01
Head of clinical department R 125 485,77
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How much do dentists earn in South Africa?

Average a dentist in SA earns R 48 721,60 – 4 88 918, 28 per month after tax, pensions and other deductions have been made.

How much does dental therapist earn per month is South Africa?

A dental therapist earns R 50 039 – R 60 392 per month depending on the years of experience and the facility he or she is working with.

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What is the highest paying dentistry job?

Dentists in management positions are the highest paid. To qualify for management role in dentistry you are supposed to get at least a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, have some specified number of years and other requirements.

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