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Private security has become a profitable company in South Africa, owing to the high crime rate, which has created a demand for increased security. Unemployment has also contributed significantly to the rise of private security firms. The Private Security Industry Regulation Act of 2001 established PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). PSIRA’s primary goal is to control the private security area; thus, before establishing a private security practice, one must register with PSIRA. So, how should PSIRA registration South Africa 2022 proceed?


What exactly is PSIRA? The Private Security Industry Regulation Authority in South Africa offers criteria for the registration of security-related services such as guarding, escorting, monitoring, investigating, and armed response. The regulator also monitors the operations of individuals and businesses who provide private protection. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to registering with PSIRA.

Types of Security Companies.

• Security services
• Security products
• A mix of security services and products.

To establish a Security Service Company in South Africa, you must first establish a legal entity, preferably with one or more business partners. After that, you must register with the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). This includes registering for an exam and paying registration fees.

PSIRA Registration Requirements

  • First of all, applicant must be at least 18 years old and be a permanent South African citizen.
  • The candidate must have a clean criminal record and not have been convicted of any of the crimes listed in the Private Security Industry Regulation Act.
  • Applicant cannot be a member of military or security police.
  • It is critical that all training be done by a recognized training center. The security candidate will receive a Grade D after completing training. (However, when one’s career in the security profession progresses and additional responsibilities emerge, it becomes necessary to advance to other levels.) This can be frightening because training fees can cost up to R400.00.
  • The applicant, naturally, should be mentally sound.
  • The relevant application fee must be paid as determined by the PSIRA (R160.00).
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If an applicant passes the registration standards, he or she is granted entry to the security industry. PSiRA registration signifies that the candidate is trustworthy and capable of carrying out his responsibilities to protect the public. PSiRA registered individuals contribute to the achievement of a legal private security business and its activity.

How to Register Online

Access the link via your Laptop, Computer or Smartphone,
– First you go to the website
– On the web page, select the Security Officer button

– On the next screen, check over the Prerequisites and select “Yes, I meet the requirements” or “No, I do not meet the requirements” from the drop-down menu.
– If you select the No, I do not meet the requirements button, you will be redirected to the home page.
– If you select the Yes, I meet the requirements button, a new screen will be displayed.

Enter your first name, surname, date of birth, cell phone number, and email address on the next screen, then check the “I’m not a robot” box.

After you’ve filled out all of the essential information, click the Submit button.
If the information submitted is correct, an OTP number will be issued to the cell phone number you provided. A pop-up error warning will appear if the details given do not satisfy the set specifications; review the information provided and make any required adjustments before pressing the Submit button.
– On the next screen enter the 4-digit OTP number received via SMS

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– Click the Verify OTP button after inputting the 4-digit OTP number. Two emails will be sent if the OTP provided is correct:
• “Verify Email” email
• “Welcome to PSIRA” email.

The dashboard will appear after you click the Continue to Dashboard option on the next screen. Click the Start Your Reassessment Test button on the next screen. You may return to the Dashboard by pressing the Back button. Answer question 1 on the following screen and then click the Next Question button. To apply to be a security officer, you must be at least 18 years old.

Answer question 2 on the following screen and then click the Next Question button. To apply to become a security officer, you must be legally eligible to work in South Africa. You can return to the previous question by clicking the Previous Question button. Answer question 3 on the following screen and then click the Next Question button.

You can return to the previous question by clicking the Previous Question button. Answer question 4 on the next screen and then click the Finish button. You can return to the previous question by clicking the Previous Question button. You will be routed to the dashboard after clicking OK on the following screen.

Click the Pay Now button on the next screen. If you agree to the terms and conditions, click the Agree button on the following screen. On the page, a payment method window will appear; select your desired payment option.

To pay using a coupon, go to the PSIRA office and pay with cash or credit card at the next available cashier. Click the Submit button after entering the promo code.

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A reference number will be generated if the coupon number supplied is correct; use this number to make a payment at the next available cashier. An error message will appear if the coupon number entered is wrong. Examine the entered number again, make any necessary changes, and then click the Submit button.

After making a successful payment, click the Continue button to be taken to the dashboard.

New Registrations as Security Officers

Anyone interested in becoming a security officer will need to build their own profile on the PSiRA web platform. A standard requirement of a valid e-mail address and a dependable mobile phone number will be a prerequisite for registration on our new online system to ensure that PSiRA and its members have an effective contact channel.

Persons wishing to register for the first time will need to:

– Create an online profile; and
– Select the required service they require;
– Make online payment (Note that the Authority is moving towards online payments
in future);
– Digitally upload required documentation (i.e. I.D documents etc); and
– As the final step in the process, make an online booking to allow PSiRA to check their fingerprint against the Home Affairs database.

To repeat, registration and application training progress will be communicated via email and SMS. Security officers will use the same profile in the future to access all transactions, like as renewals and name changes, which will eventually eliminate the need to physically visit any of our locations.

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