Pick And Pay Pharmacies In South Africa

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Pick n Pay Group is a retailer in the fast-paced consumer products industry. Pick & Pay, Boxer, and TM Supermarkets are the three brands under which the Group runs multiple shop types. Pick n Pay also operates one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest online grocery businesses. In 1967, Raymond Ackerman bought the first four Pick n Pay establishments in Cape Town, South Africa. The Group has since expanded to include outlets in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Nigeria, eSwatini, and Lesotho. Pick n Pay also owns a 49 percent stake in TM Supermarkets, a Zimbabwean grocery chain.

By 2021, the corporation would have 1,994 outlets spread across eight African countries.

Type Of Stores Owned By Pick n Pay

  • Pick n Pay Hypermarkets            21          (owned)
  • Pick n Pay Supermarkets           530        (287 owned and 243 franchise)
  • Pick n Pay Clothing                    255        (235 owned and 20 franchise)
  • Pick n Pay Liquor                       506        (264 owned and 242 franchise)
  • Pick n Pay Express                    174        (franchise)
  • Pick n Pay Market stores            38          (Spaza partners)
  • Boxer Supermarkets                   208        (owned)
  • Boxer Punch                               17          (owned)
  • Boxer Build                                 30          (owned)
  • Boxer Liquor                               87          (owned)
  • TM Supermarkets                       61          (associate – 33 trading as TM; 28 trading as Pick n Pay)
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Pick And Pay Pharmacies In South Africa

According to Business Maverick, Clicks is buying Pick n Pay’s retail pharmacy business in a deal that still needs regulatory permission as it expands its network across the country. The transaction was not valued.

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The health, beauty, and pharmacy chain announced that it will acquire Pick n Pay’s pharmacy licenses and ethical drug supply, while all pharmacy employees would shift from the supermarket group to Clicks.

Clicks announced in April that it would accelerate its shop expansion by building 40 new stores and 36 pharmacies this year, excluding those acquired from Pick n Pay. It has 760 stores and 601 pharmacies by the end of February. The acquisition expands the company’s nationwide reach to 632 pharmacies.

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“Currently, half of the country’s population lives within six kilometers of a Clicks drugstore, and we hope to enhance this over time as we get closer to clients,” said Clicks CEO Vikesh Ramsunder.

According to independent retail expert Syd Vianello, pharmacies do not profit from their dispensaries. While the back shop gets clients in, the front shop is where the actual money is made. When seen in this light, it’s a fantastic deal for Pick n Pay, and Clicks profits from the additional licenses, which are tough to obtain.

“So PnP retains the consumer since they will continue to come to PnP to buy groceries and toiletries, and all they lose is the drug (ethical) business, which requires a pharmacist and is losing money.”

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