AfriSam Cement Price In South Africa

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The company has evolved into a strong corporation with activities in South Africa, Lesotho, and Eswatini since opening its first cement plant in 1934.

AfriSam is derived from the words ‘Afri’, which relates to our proud African history, and ‘Sam,’ which is derived from the words samente or disamente, which in six of South Africa’s official languages means cement.

For more than 85 years, their cement, aggregate, and readymix concrete building supplies have played an important role in Africa’s infrastructure development.

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AfriSam Cement Core Values

Their three basic beliefs serve as a framework for how they conduct business.

People: They attempt to conduct their company with integrity and in a professional, courteous, and honest manner, acknowledging that people are what create the business.

Planet: They make thoughtful use of natural resources and take responsibility for the influence of their actions on the community and the environment.

Performance: Their professionalism is unwavering, and they aim to be the best in all they do. They put their time, energy, and resources to good use by helping their clients, coworkers, and business partners.

Types Of AfriSam Cement

Below are all the type of cements AfriSam deals in:

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All Purpose Cement

A carefully developed, high-quality cement that can be used in a variety of structural, residential, brick and block, and masonry applications.

Rapid Hard Cement

AfriSam Rapid Hard Cement is suited for usage in the precast concrete sector, where faster demoulding timeframes are necessary, as well as for fast-track building projects that require earlier formwork stripping.

High Strength Cement

AfriSam High Strength Cement is a specially developed composite cement for brick and block production, reservoirs, precast operations, structural concrete, shotcrete, and mining.

Roadstab Cement

AfriSam Roadstab Cement is a specially constructed composite, high-quality cement designed for use in road stabilization, ensuring uniform dispersion of the stabilizing ingredient throughout the stabilized layer.

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StarBuild Cement

StarBuild from AfriSam is a 32,5N cement that is a cost-effective option for applications that do not require strong early-strength development. It is ideal for a restricted number of applications in the construction industry where constant performance is required.


Slag, also known as ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS), is a by-product of the steel and iron industries that is milled to a fine consistency.

AfriSam Cement Price In South Africa

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