Porcelain Tile Cement Prices In South Africa. Full Details

In this post, I am going to give you accurate Porcelain tile cement prices in South Africa and other necessary information worth knowing about porcelain tile in case you are thinking of using some for your project. 

Porcelain is one of the most beautiful tile materials of all, famed for its strength, water-resistant nature, and durability. 

To keep your tiles looking gorgeous for years to come, your choice of adhesive is crucial. So, here are two questions you must know the answer to before going out to buy an adhesive for your porcelain project. 

What kinds of porcelain tile adhesives are there?

Powdered adhesives that are combined with water are better for installing porcelain tiles than ready-mixed paste because they provide a much stronger bond. Choose a good-quality powdered adhesive for your project, whether you’re utilizing marble look porcelain tiles for your bathroom floor or metallic tiles for a feature wall. It’s critical that your adhesive be flexible to absorb stress and cope with the heating and cooling process in regions that will see a lot of foot traffic or when you have underfloor heating.

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What are you fixing your porcelain tiles to?

The absolute best practice for walls is to tile directly onto a 20mm thick tile backer board, which may be fastened directly to stud work and eliminates the need for a plaster board. Alternatively, a thin tile backer board can be installed over the existing plasterboard to provide the best possible substrate. Fresh plaster can be tiled over, but it must first be primed with an acrylic-based primer.

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Now moving on to the main reason why you clicked on this post, let’s look at Porcelain Tile Cement Prices In South Africa.

Porcelain Tile Cement Prices In South Africa

There are several notable porcelain tile adhesive brands on the South African market. Each comes with its own price due to factors such as size, different manufacturers, etc. However, after scouring through some online stores such as Cashbuild and Buco we found out that the price of Porcelain tile adhesive range from R79.00 to R119.90 including VAT. 

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Where To Buy Your Porcelain Tile Adhesive In South Africa

Visit any of the online stores listed below and order your porcelain tile adhesive today. Some of these companies offer free deliveries depending on the proximity of your area to the sales point.

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