Mathews Phosa Net Worth & Assets

Dr. Nakedi Mathews Phosa mostly called Mathews Phosa is a South African attorney, author, businessman and politician, philanthropist and was also an anti-apartheid activist.

He has over the years made positive contributions massively to the politics in South Africa, especially for the African National Congress (ANC).

He is the former premier of Mpumalanga as well as a member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress.

Mathews was born on 1st September, 1952 (making him 68 years) in Nelspruit, a city in South Africa. He spent most of his childhood days living with his grandmother in a rural area in SA.

He attended and completed Orhovelani High School in Thulamahashe.


Political career

He was one of the first four members of the ANC to enter South Africa from exile in 1990 in order to start the process of negotiation with the National Party government. In 1994, Phosa was appointed as the first premier of Mpumalanga, a position which he held until 1999.

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Phosa was elected as a member of the National Executive Committee of the ANC in 1999.

Phosa is noted among the richest people in South Africa. Aside his political ambitions, he’s involved in business and occupy management positions in top firms in and outside South Africa.

Mathews Phosa Net Worth
Mathews Phosa

What are his businesses? What cars does he drive? How many assets does he own? Does he have a wife and children?

Moving forward, I am going to give you every detail you need to know about Mathews Phosa’s net worth, thus, his source of income, businesses owned and many more.


Mathews Phosa’s Businesses

He holds top positions in about 10 different companies. He presides over a chain of companies that operates in more than 20 countries in industries as diverse as mining, wealth management, food processing, beverages, logistics and technology.

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See the list of businesses he’s heading below.

  • Executive Chairman of Vuka Forestry Holding Pty Ltd.
  • Executive Chairman at Eveni Investments & Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Chairman for Brent Oil Pty Ltd
  • Non-Executive Chairman of The Waterberg Coal Co. Ltd
  • Chairman of the University of South Africa
  • Chairman for Special Olympics South Africa
  • Former Chairman at Firestone Energy Ltd
  • Former Non-Executive Chairman for Alliance Mining Corp. Ltd.
  • Former Independent Non-Executive Chairman of EOH Holdings Ltd.
  • Former Advisory deal with Huawei


Mathew Phosa’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be US$450 million in 2020.


Mathews’ Assets and Source of Income

According to Forbes Africa, Phosa owns shares in Bauba Platinum, Value Group and other undisclosed companies.

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According to the Business magnate, he made his fortune by practicing as a commercial lawyer, investments and getting equity from firms he’s provided services for.

“I have helped so many communities apply for mining rights, and when they can’t afford to raise the money to explore for the minerals, I help them list it on the stock exchange and raise finance for them and in return I get equity”, he says.

He authored Chants of Freedom: Poems Written in Exile. The book is available on Google Books.


Wife and Family.

He is happily married to Pinky Phosa, member of the Executive Council for Finance of Mpumalanga Provincial Government.

The couple has two daughters but sadly lost one earlier this year.

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