Da Les Net Worth. Complete Details

In this article, we discuss Da Les’ net worth, his business, lifestyle and any other information you may find useful

Leslie Jonathan Mampe, Jr., known professionally in the music industry as Da Les is an American-South African hip pop artist (rapper), record producer and an actor who is making history in South African music scene.

He is one of the most recognized and successful rappers in South Africa. You might have heard a lot about this talented musician: career, lifestyle, etc. but don’t know much he is worth.

Da Les
Da Les

Well, if you have ever wondered how much this amazing South African artist makes from his music, then you are at the right place.

Aside his music career, Da Les has a very fulfilling life, which has caused many young and upcoming rappers in SA to take after his lifestyle.

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Da Les’ Early Life

Born July 26, 1985 in Washington D.C., United States of America to South African parents, Leslie Jonathan Mampe, an IT Specialist who worked with IBM, and his wife Priscilla. Da Les discovered his music talent through his mum when the mum used to be a collector of music LPs.

In 2014 Da Les had the opportunity to star in a South African television show alongside with media personality Maps Maponyane.

Age: 35 years

Marital status: married

Nationality: South African/American


Da Les’ Music Career

Although an actor, Da Les is noted majorly as a rapper in South Africa. He is a recognized rapper and listed among the richest rappers in the country.

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As an active musician, he has released several songs and have about 7 studio albums to his credit.

He enjoyed fame and recognition for his hit solo single, “Heaven”, which was released in 2013, and featured two other hip-hop rappers, AKA and Maggz.


Da Les Net Worth

Da Les Source of Income

It is obvious he makes most of his money from the entertainment industry.

His net worth is estimated about $2 million. This makes him one of the most bankable musicians in South Africa.

Most of what contributed to this wealth is sales from his music, tours, endorsements, converts, YouTube streams, acting, record productions and many more.

He has an active YouTube channel with over 15,000 subscribers and total views of 4 million.

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Da Les Albums

As an active musician, he definitely makes money from sales of his album and music. See the list of all his albums below.

Album Release date
Fresh 2 Def 2008
Madela money 2014
North God 2015
Diamond in Africa 2016
F2D Presents: Hall of Fame 2017
High level 2017


Da Les Businesses and Assets

His songs, albums and career collectively forms his assets.

Although much is not known about his assets and business. We believe Da Les has invested part of his wealth in business in South Africa and America.

Da Les Family

He is happily married to Aurea Alexander and have one daughter.


Da Les Songs

Below is the list of songs released by Da Les over the years.

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