List Of Pharmacies That Delivers Near Me

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The COVID-19 epidemic has demonstrated that many of our ordinary day-to-day errands do not require in-person completion. Doctor’s appointments, supermarket shopping, and essential meetings may all be completed from the comfort of your couch by simply clicking a few buttons online.

This includes crucial health services; even goods as sensitive as a prescription can now be ordered, filled, and “picked up” without you ever leaving your house. These delivery services are making it significantly simpler to withstand the storm, allowing many people to stay inside and away from massive crowds, maybe saving their lives.

Prescriptions delivered to your home

Because those with pre-existing health disorders are more vulnerable to the coronavirus, even a typical public outing becomes an increasingly perilous activity. Prescription delivery services, thankfully, are a viable option, with various companies offering methods of sending your medication directly to you.

There’s also a strong chance that the pharmacy you already use offers some type of home delivery, even if you’re not currently using it. Here’s how to have your medicines delivered directly to your door.

List Of Pharmacies That Delivers Near Me


PillPack is an Amazon-run full-service pharmacy that covers all of your prescription needs while also delivering your order right to your home. However, home delivery is only one aspect that makes this service appealing: it also organizes and packages your drugs based on the time of day they should be taken.

This degree of convenience is not typically accessible in local pharmacies, but it is extremely beneficial for folks who have a hectic schedule or who easily become confused about which drugs they need to take at any particular time.

To get started with PillPack, you must first create an account on the company’s website and provide a detailed list of your medications. It then requests your contact information.

Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon announced a new program in November 2020 to fill prescriptions and do what the company does best: deliver them right to your home. Users can utilize Amazon Pharmacy to create a secure pharmacy profile, enter their insurance information, and request prescription fulfillment.

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You should be a Prime member to get the most out of the service. If you are, your medication will be sent on the standard two-day delivery service. If you don’t have insurance, Amazon says Prime members can save up to 80% on generic prescriptions and 40% on brand-name medications. Indeed, one significant advantage of Amazon Pharmacy is the ability to compare the cost of a prescription with your insurance co-pay, without insurance, or with the Prime prescription savings benefit.

In addition, pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address any questions you may have concerning your medication.


The purpose of ZipDrug is to connect health plans and customers with leading pharmacies that offer your medication at the greatest price.

The program locates pharmacies that offer specific medications at the lowest prices among rivals, and then connects those businesses with patients who require those prescriptions to be filled. Once a connection is established, the pharmacy will pack and ship the drugs straight to the customer, as well as automatically provide refills as needed.

The major drawback is that ZipDrug is now only available in 24 states, so it isn’t available to everyone. However, for those who are able to use the service, you will not only have your drugs sent right to your mailbox, but you will also save money.


Capsule is another full-service online pharmacy that fills prescriptions and handles refills automatically as needed. The disadvantage is that it solely serves New York City residents. If that’s the case, the service offers same-day delivery – within two hours of your order, in fact, which no other option on this list can match.

Signing up for the service is simple and quick. All major insurance companies are accepted, and your co-pay will not alter, according to Capsule. The company’s pharmacists may be accessible via text message, email, and chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any queries you may have or to provide a rapid consultation. The organization even coordinates with your doctor’s office and insurance provider, removing the inconveniences associated with doing those activities on your own.

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Cabinet is a new and significantly enhanced type of buying experience if you’re seeking for over-the-counter solutions. Its goal is to eliminate misunderstanding in long drug store aisles by comparing six boxes or bottles that all appear to be the same.

Cabinet, on the other hand, has made everything generic: the company manufactures 30 OTC treatments for allergies, cold and flu, pain, sleep problems, and digestive health. The formulae contain the same active components as well-known brands and are manufactured by ethical manufacturers who have been FDA-audited, yet all products are packaged in generic, consistent packaging. Cabinet has been able to price all drugs significantly cheaper than what you’d buy in person by removing the brand association and operating completely online (55 percent less than brand names, they say).

It also sells kits chosen by doctors and pharmacists that include everything you’d need for a single occasion, such as hand cleaner, pain medicines, and daytime and nocturnal cold and flu drugs for the winter.

AllianceRX Walgreens Prime

The Walgreens brand owns and operates AllianceRX Walgreens Prime. They’ll fill any prescription just like they would in person, but you can also request free home delivery.

Users can follow their orders, obtain information on the meds they’re taking, and even buy a 90-day supply of any recurring prescriptions on the company’s website. A 24-hour helpline is available to provide information and assistance, and the AllianceRX staff collaborates with your doctors and insurance provider to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Aside from not having to switch from your regular pharmacy (if it is indeed Walgreens), AllianceRX is especially handy if your prescription is for a difficult-to-find specialty drug. In fact, the company specialized in these types of medications and typically has the majority of them on hand.

Walgreens Express

If you already have your prescriptions filled at Walgreens, you do not need to switch to AllianceRX to receive free home delivery of your medication. Your local Walgreens store provides delivery via Walgreens Express, which can include your meds if desired.

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Walgreens Express handles all deliveries, is absolutely free, and even sends you text alerts to let you know when they’ll arrive. The majority of deliveries come the next day, though they may be delayed by a day or two depending on the sort of prescription you require.

Walgreens also provides alternative delivery choices. Customers who order via the company’s website receive free standard delivery, albeit it may take up to 10 business days to arrive. The order is sent to you as soon as possible thanks to expedited shipping.

CVS Pharmacies

CVS Pharmacies, not to be outdone by its main competitor, also has its own delivery service. The primary distinction is that, in most situations, CVS will deliver your prescription to you the same day if the medication is in stock at one of its local shops.

Even better, if you need anything else from the drug shop – cough pills, hand soap, or toilet paper — you can have those delivered for free as well. Text messages and alerts from the CVS app (iOS/Android) keep you up to date on the status of your order and even notify you when it’s ready for delivery.

All online orders of $35 or more from CVS include free delivery. However, those orders may take 1 to 4 days to arrive, so keep that in mind.


Walmart’s in-store pharmacies do not provide home delivery, but orders placed on the company’s website do ship to your house for free. These packages are dispatched by First Class Mail and can take 7 to 10 business days to arrive. This is a little slower than most of the competitors, but Walmart does have some of the lowest prescription pricing accessible.

Even yet, if you need your medication quickly, the Walmart website recommends visiting one of its local locations to have your prescription filled in a timely manner. Consider one of the third-party choices on our list if you want to avoid long queues and potential crowds.

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