Cost of Donor Sperm in South Africa

Will you trade your sperm for money? Do you need a donor sperm for artificial insemination?

If you need answers to the questions above then this post is definitely for you.

In this one, we are going to make known to you the cost of donor sperm in South Africa. For many people who want a child of their own, donor sperm is literally a lifeline.

Purchasing donor sperm is the last resort for infertile couples who wants to become parents. Sperms bought are introduced into the woman through a process called artificial insemination. It is a breakthrough technology that has helped many infertile couples to conceive and give birth.

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Infertile couples who are desiring to have children visit the hospitals to buy donated sperm for artificial insemination. In South Africa, sperm donations are done anonymously. They contribute up to 80% of donor sperm recipient. The remainder are single women and lesbians.

The short question is “How much does donor Sperm cost in South Africa”?.

Cost of Donor Sperm

Donor sperm is sold between R5,000 and R10,000. There are additional expenses for a full IVF treatment. Talk to the hospital you’re purchasing donor sperms from for more information on treatment cost. Thank you.

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The price of donor sperm varies from one facility to the other. Also note that sperm donation is done only in few selected hospitals in South Africa.


donor sperm salary
donor sperm salary

Where to buy donor sperm

Very few specialized hospitals sell donor sperm to clients (women) who want to conceive.

The following health facilities have sperm banks where you can visit to purchase donor sperm and get inseminated artificially. You can trust these sperm banks as strict protocols are followed before donors are accepted.

  • Medfem Clinic – 011 463 2244
  • Cryobank – 011 484 2695
  • Vitalab – 011 911 4700,
  • Gynomed – 011 796 1100
  • Cape Fertility Clinic – 021 674 2088
  • Tygerberg Fertility at Life Vincent Pallotti – 021 531 6999
  • A.R.E Clinic – 031 267 7920
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The rigorous process donors pass through before donating ensures banking of high-quality sperms. Sperm quality is determined by:

  • Sperm count
  • Mobility
  • Shape
  • Semen volume

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