List Of Casting Agencies In Cape Town

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A casting (or casting call) is a pre-production procedure in the performing arts business, such as theatre, cinema, or television, for selecting a specific sort of actor, dancer, singer, or extra for a specific character or part in a script, screenplay, or teleplay. This method is commonly used in the production of a film, television show, documentary, music video, play, or television commercial, among other things. This participation in a dramatic performance, commercial, or industrial video is designed for a studio audience.

Cape Town is home to people from a wide range of ethnicities and origins, and the Mother City has no shortage of eclectic talent. Find casting companies in Cape Town that can help you find the right people for your project.

Types Of Casting

Actors are chosen to play a variety of roles. The main cast, often known as starring roles, is made up of multiple performers who have prominent roles in film, theater, or television. A leading actor is the person who plays the protagonist in the most significant role (or leading actress for a woman). When there isn’t a single leading actor, the key roles are divided into ensemble casts, which are made up of several principal actors and performers who are given nearly equal screen time. A supporting actor is an actor who plays a role in a play or film that is less important than the lead actor’s (s).

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Supporting roles are a step up from bit parts, which involve direct interaction with the main characters and have no more than five lines of dialogue, and are sometimes referred to as a five-or-less or under-five in the United States, or under sixes in the United Kingdom. Cameo appearances occur when a well-known actor or other celebrity appears in a minor role.

Casting Process

The casting process entails a series of auditions in front of a casting panel, which is made up of members of the theatrical production team, such as the theatrical producer and the theater director. A television producer, for example, can serve on a casting panel, whereas a film producer, director, and/or choreographer can serve on a casting panel. A casting director is usually present on this panel in almost every aspect of show business. Performers may present, or be presented with, prepared audition pieces like as monologues, songs, choreography, scripts, and perhaps sides in the early phases of this procedure.

These audition pieces are normally video captured, usually in the form of screen tests, and then connected to resumes, head pictures, and or viewed online via websites such as IMDb, before being shared with film producers, film directors, and studio officials. Depending on the scale and breadth of the production, further stages may entail groups of actors, both union (SAG-AFTRA) and non-union, attempting to read material from the work under consideration, paired off in various combinations of two, three, or more. The casting panel considers both the individual actor and the chemistry created from either one of the combinations set forth within the read-through, such as boy meets girl, etc., after evaluating each of the actor’s overall motivational choices.

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Casting Directors

The procedure of selecting actors for hundreds of speaking parts and roles in certain major plays may necessitate the use of professional personnel. While the director, producer, artistic departments, and overall production team have the final say, a casting director or “CD” (and occasionally the casting associate) is in charge of the majority of the daily work involved in this process during pre-production. A casting director may be aided by a casting associate, and productions with a significant number of extras may have their own extras casting director, but in all elements of a film or television production’s budget, they are all above-the-line, reporting to the director as members of his or her staff.

List Of Casting Agencies In Cape Town

Almost Famous Casting
Irena Simic
Contact Number: +27 079 878 7542
Email: [email protected]

Artistes Personal Management
Niki Rowan
Contact Number: +27 021 685 1910
Email: [email protected]

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Authentik (CPT)
George Heathcote / Nic Leonidas / Salome Strydom
Contact Number: +27 060 740 4204 / +27 084 658 5566 / +27 021 180 4884
Email: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

Authentik (JHB)
Ian Gareth Hadfield
Contact Number: +27 010 9003 929
Email: [email protected]

Cape Direct
Dianne Bramhill
Contact Number: +27 082 550 6911
Email: [email protected]

Celebrities Casting Agencies
Chantelle Slabbert
Contact Number: +27 082 345 2320
Email: [email protected]

Disco Casting
Candice Hatting
Contact Number: +27 021 439 7222
Email: [email protected]

Kidz Casting
Sheila Wallis
Contact Number: +27 083 261 1524
Email: [email protected]

Pursch Artistes
Lindsay Schaal / Hayley Cunningham
Contact Number: +27 083 298 8665 / +27 072 898 9171
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Freelancer & Model Booker
Chantelle Venter
Contact Number: +27 074 329 9615
Email: [email protected]

Freelancer (Actor)
Joey Hensen
Contact Number: +27 072 565 8465
Email: [email protected]

Freelancer (Actor)
Rowan Studti
Contact Number: +27 083 570 7988
Email: [email protected]

Celebrities Casting Agencies
Chantelle Slabbert
Contact Number: +27 082 345 2320
Email: [email protected]

Permitz Film & Stills Locations Agency
Joanne Friedrichs
Contact Number: +27 021 200 0764
Email: [email protected]

Paul Harris
Contact Number: +27 0826713701
Email: [email protected]

Kayos Casting Directors
Kay Price- Lindsay
Contact Number: +27 0826587987
Email: [email protected]

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