Aluminium Window Frames Prices. Full Details

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Aluminum windows and doors have grown in popularity for both commercial and residential structures. Aluminum window frames may be customized to practically any color and style of home. They can also be manufactured in a variety of forms such as casement windows, double-hung windows, sliding windows/doors, awning windows, fixed windows, and lift and slide doors. Here are some of the benefits of using aluminum.


Aluminum windows are significantly less prone to warping; they are weather-proof, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to the detrimental effects of UV rays, ensuring excellent performance and a long lifespan. Their sturdy window frames will outlast wood and plastic frames.

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Variety of Color Options

Thousands of colors can be powder coated or anodized on aluminum windows. Color is solely limited by your creativity.

Energy Efficient

Because aluminum is light, flexible, and simple to work with, manufacturers can create window frames with high degrees of wind, water, and air-tightness, resulting in outstanding energy efficiency.

Cost efficient

Aluminum frames are significantly less expensive than wood frames. They do not leak, therefore they can help you save a lot of money on your energy expenses.
Low Maintenance

Aluminum, unlike wood, does not warp or deteriorate. Furthermore, paint touch-ups are not required. Aluminum is sturdy enough to support the weight of window lintels while requiring little reinforcing. Aluminum windows require little to no maintenance.

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Better Operability

Aluminum is a strong material that retains its shape over time. As a result, aluminum windows and doors will continue to open and close smoothly over time.

Noise Proof

Aluminum windows are far superior to vinyl windows in terms of noise reduction. Because they are three times heavier and much stronger than vinyl. Furthermore, because they can handle heavier glazing than other alternatives, aluminum windows are ideal for the soundless characteristic.

Safety Features

The linkage hardware around the window sash and the handle operation provide exceptional safety and security for the window. Furthermore, aluminum windows are highly resistant to forced entry and have high-quality multipoint locking systems, making it impossible for intruders to gain inside.

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Aluminium Window Frames Prices

Below are the prices of aluminium window frames in south Africa.

Window Frame Aluminium Ptt1512 Bronze Clear Left Hand R1,469.95
Window Frame Aluminium Pt99 Charcoal Obscure R1,139.95
Window Frame Aluminium Pt129 Bronze Clear Left Hand R1,287.95
Window Frame Aluminium Ptt1515 Bronze Clear Left Hand R2,285.95
Window Frame Aluminium Pt99 Natural Clear R1,083.95
Window Frame Aluminium Pt159 Bronze Clear Left Hand R1,391.95
Window Frame Aluminium Ptt1815 Bronze Clear Left Hand R2,643.95
Window Frame Aluminium Ptt1212 Charcoal Clear Left Hand R1,744.95
Window Frame Aluminium Pt66 Bronze Clear R667.95
Window Frame Aluminium Pt129 Charcoal Clear Left Hand R1,331.95


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