PPC Cement Price In South Africa

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PPC Ltd is a southern African supplier of cement, lime (material), and associated products. In six African countries, including South Africa, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe, it operates 11 cement mills and a lime production facility. The company’s headquarters are in Sandton, South Africa (Johannesburg).

PPC’s Materials division, which includes Pronto Holdings (which includes Pronto Building Materials, Ulula Ash, and 3Q Mahuma Concrete), is part of the company’s southern African channel management strategy. PPC’s readymix footprint has expanded to include 29 batching units in South Africa and Mozambique, as well as the capacity to create half a million tons of fly ash. South Africa and Botswana are two more countries where PPC produces aggregates.

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PPC Lime, one of the major lime manufacturers in the southern hemisphere, manufactures metallurgical-grade calcitic and dolomitic lime, as well as sinter stone, for use in the steel and associated industries.

How PPC LTD Create Value

As a leading international producer of materials and solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, they focus on the following elements to provide quality products and technical services to their customers:

Unique Footprint

High growth, low consumption per capita market with increasing urbanisation

Innovative Technologies

Modern asset base and world-class technical capabilities

Environmental Impact

Actively seeking to minimise the adverse impact of their operations on the environment

PPC Strategic Focus

Strategic focus: Embedding integrated thinking within their business has become more vital than ever as they navigate an increasingly complicated operating environment. The interconnection of the six capitals has an impact on how they do business and, ultimately, how well they function in order to achieve their mission. Their goals, stakeholders, material hazards, and external environment all influence their company model.

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Types Of PPC Cements In South Africa

Below are the types of ppc cements in South Africa.

SUREWALL – Made by PPC from high quality raw materials. Clinker is inter-ground with gypsum and an appropriate amount of limestone extender.

SURECEM – An economical general purpose cement that is ideal for concrete, mortar, plaster & bricks.

SureBuild – Cement that has been engineered to achieve consistent and appropriate performance in a wide range of products and applications.

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SURECAST – Premium Portland cement made by PPC from high quality raw materials. Clinker is inter-ground with gypsum to manufacture a premium high early strength cement.

SURETECH – A performance specialist cement that is ideal for precast, readymix, civil and specialty and proprietary products.

SUREROAD – Product is manufactured with the addition of an extender or blend of extenders (fly-ash, blastfurnace slag and limestone). The mineral constituents are carefully selected and the composition optimised.

PPC Cement Price In South Africa

The price of PPC Cement in South Africa varies since the company prefers in giving you a quote directly. To deal with PPC Cement In South Africa, Use this link: https://www.ppc.africa/products

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