Security Doors Prices In South Africa

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With South Africa’s historically high crime rate, it’s no surprise that burglar bars, security gates, and other home protection systems are in high demand.

Whether you live in a rural location or a densely populated metropolis, it’s critical that your home is secured in a way that minimizes break-ins and other crimes. This entails putting basic security measures in place both inside and outside your home.

What To Consider Before Getting A Security Door

Gates and burglar bars. Physical barriers to entrance are still one of the most straightforward and cost-effective methods.

Security cameras. Despite being secure in most circumstances, with the correct equipment and enough time and effort, a determined thief might nonetheless access the property. Cameras are one way to keep an eye on what’s going on in your home.

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Security guards and armed response. The physical presence of an armed guard can also serve to deter prospective crimes for businesses or larger residences that can afford to hire one.

Integrated security. Most homeowners will benefit from an integrated approach that incorporates physical obstacles, cameras, alarms, armed response, and even security dogs.

Security Lockdown

How do you get started with home security systems and other protective measures for your home? Here are some helpful hints to assist you come one step closer to a safe home:

Keep Your Alarm In Optimal Shape

At least once a month, perform a test. If there are any flaws, they should be addressed as soon as feasible. Remember to notify your security firm that you’ll be doing the test.

Choose Your Security Company Wisely

Make sure they’ll respond right away if an alarm goes off, rather than contacting first to make sure everything is well. In the event of an emergency, this delay can be extremely deadly.

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Choosing The Burglar Bars For You

Burglar bars may detract from the appearance of your window, but they are one of the most effective deterrents. Windows are all too easily broken. Intruders frequently view this as one of their first access points. If a burglar passes your house and notices your huge, open, bar-less windows, it will appear significantly more attractive than the property next door, which has secure bars across all of its windows.

Choosing The Security Gates For You

Another important component of home security is security gates. These gates serve as an additional physical barrier to safeguard front and back doors. Expanding gates from manufacturers like Maxidor and Trellidor, like expanding windows, are the strongest and safest option. These gates act as a powerful deterrent for potential criminals wanting to swiftly access a premises because they are far more difficult to pass through than fixed metal gates.

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Security Doors Prices In South Africa

Below are the prices of security doors in South Africa.

Xpanda Aluglide Security Gate – Charcoal (1800 x 2150mm) R4,795each
Xpanda Aluglide Gate 1.0m x 1.9m Brnz R3,400each
Xpanda Aluglide Gate 1.8m x 1.9m Wht R4,795each
Xpanda Aluglide Gate 1.8m x 1.9m Brnz R4,795each
Xpanda Aluglide Gate 2.2m x 1.9m Brnz R5,700each
Xpanda Aluglide Gate 2.2m x 1.9m Wht R5,700each
Xpanda Aluglide Gate 1.0m x 1.9m Wht R3,400each
Econo 536157 Scroll Lock Gate – Bronze (770 x 1950mm) R1,045each
Econo 536156 Scroll Lock Gate – White (770 x 1950mm) R1,045 each
Xpanda Saftidor Slam Ref A Security Gate – Charcoal (840 x 2000mm) R1,299each


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