Cashbuild Floor Tiles Prices Per Box

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Cashbuild is the largest retailer of building materials and associated products, selling directly to cash-paying customers through its 255 (and growing) stores in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi and Zambia. Cashbuild which employs 4 738 people, comprises Cashbuild Limited and the operating subsidiaries registered in the abovementioned countries.

Cashbuild is the first choice retailer in its chosen field in all the regions in which it operates. It achieves this by carrying a focused in-depth quality product range at the most competitive prices, to meet the needs of the local market for homebuilders, home improvers, contractors, farmers, traders and any persons wanting to purchase our quality building materials for cash.

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Why Chose Cashbuild

Through selected brands, they are the preferred retailer and integrated supplier of building materials, related products, and services across all market categories in selected countries.

They are socially and environmentally conscious, and we try to maximize returns for all of our stakeholders by:

  • Their capacity to understand our clients and markets, allowing us to provide a concentrated range of products and services tailored to each market’s individual demands;
  • Their mutually advantageous partnerships with their suppliers, significant purchasing power, and ability to control prices enable them to provide all of their clients with high-quality, best-value products and services in convenient locations;
  • Their forward-thinking human resources strategies, which foster a stimulating and productive work environment and ensure that all of their employees reach their full potential and are recognized and rewarded for exceptional performance;
  • Improving the lives of people in the communities where they do business by providing the highest value products and services, creating job opportunities, boosting company development, and supporting selected community projects;
  • Through the Cashbuild Way, they maximize the use of all of their resources and apply industry and technological best practices, resulting in greater, long-term financial returns for our shareholders.
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Cashbuild Floor Tiles Prices Per Box

Below is the price list of Cashbuild Floor Tiles Per Box:

Floor Tile Cream Nano – Size: 600 X 600mm, 1.44m2 Per Box R317.95
Floor Tile Ivory Plain Porcelain – Size: 600 X 600mm R351.95
Floor Tile Porcelain Pluto Grey – Size: 600 X 600mm R317.95
Floor Tile Valentine Ivory – Size: 600 X 600mm, 1.44m2 R337.95
Floor Tile Acacia Cherry Wood – Size: 430 X 430mm R237.95
Floor Tile Aries Charcoal – Size: 500 X 500mm, 2m2 Per Box R254.95
Floor Tile Astra Verona Shiny – Size: 430 X 430mm, 2.4m2 R273.95
Floor Tile Carina Cream – Size: 500 X 500mm, 2m2 Per Box R264.95
Floor Tile Classic White Shiny – Size: 600 X 600mm R343.95
Floor Tile Columbia Dust – Size: 500 X 500mm, 2m2 Per Box R264.95
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