Cement Bulker Prices In South Africa. Full Details

In this post, I am going to bring you accurate cement bulker prices in South Africa and other necessary information about Cement bulkers that is worth knowing if you are thinking of purchasing one. 

Let’s first start by looking at what a cement bulker is and then we will look at the uses of cement bulkers in the construction industry. 

What Is A Cement Bulker? 

A cement bulker is a cement transport truck capable of carrying large cement quantities from a manufacturer to a concrete batching plant. It eliminates cement storage bag usage for the silos of the plant by offering a much larger and more convenient storage space.

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Cement Bulker Features 

Cement bulkers are more than just storage vessels. It’s designed to carry huge loads and allows you to load and unload cement more quickly.

1. V-Shape Bulker 

A concrete bulker is designed in the shape of a V, with the pointy end in the lower center. The form creates a slant in the cement, allowing it to exit through the bottom. Controlled air pressure is also used to help in the procedure.

2. Optimal Diesel Engine

The cement bulker is powered by a powerful diesel engine that also provides power to the air suspension system.

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3. Spring Suspension

The hefty Bulker is supported by state-of-the-art leaf spring suspension on cement bulkers. Throughout the machine’s journey through controlled height, the tires remain aligned.

4. Landing Gear

Cement bulkers are also equipped with powerful landing gears that ensure stable loading and unloading of cement.

Uses Of A Cement Bulker 

  • Cement Transportation

The major purpose of cement bulkers is to transport tons of cement to a concrete batching plant, where concrete is made before being delivered to construction sites on Cement Mixer Trucks.

  • Storage Units of Significant Size

Before being loaded into silos, cement bulkers also serve as temporary storage units for tons of cement. The use of cement bags would increase the amount of effort and time required.

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Cement Bulker Prices In South Africa

The price of Cement Bulkers vary depending on their capacity and of course the seller. After scouring over some online stores we found out that you can buy a Cement Bulker in South Africa for an average price of R 236,081.00.

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