Courier Guy Prices In South Africa

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They aren’t your typical courier service. They have organized their organization through franchising so that the customer and the franchisee are the primary focus. From the driver to the franchisee, they have been able to empower employees with responsibility. They’ve gotten rid of inefficient work environments and low-profit courier branches.

They’re The Courier Guy, and they’re passionate about their work. What began as a “favor for a friend” in 2000 has grown into a global courier company that has set the standard for franchising in the sector. From humble beginnings on a single motorcycle, The Courier Guy has developed into a close-knit network of customers, franchisees, and agents.

Why Chose The Courier Guy

Their goal is simple: to give the best and most thoroughly tested products and solutions to their customers. Moving items from point A to point B is the easiest part. The “behind-the-scenes help and attention to detail” you will receive from everyone in their organization clearly distinguishes them in the market place.

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Their Zeal

They are passionate about what they do. They are enthusiastic about their field and building strong bonds with their customers. Direct and straightforward communication is essential, and you will never find yourself in a situation where you must communicate with ten distinct people. People that work with you will have a good sense of what your company is all about.

Packaging Tips For Parcels

South Africa is a huge country with a diverse population. Before it reaches its final destination, your goods may be handled by a variety of people. Please make sure that the box or carton you use to package your products is the right size for the item you’re sending.

There are several box sizes for a reason. Select a box with ample space for your item as well as some protective packing. Additionally, attempt to pack heavier products into smaller boxes (ideally double-walled boxes) and lighter bulkier items into bigger boxes.

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The box/carton must be strong and durable, preferably ‘corrugated’ with complete flaps. Never use fruit or assorted boxes from a store, and never use damaged, thin, old, worn, or moist boxes.

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Make sure the carton isn’t too hefty. This could cause problems in a number of ways:

The carton may shatter at the bottom, sortation personnel in depots may drop it accidently (due to an underestimation of the weight), or your carton may be loaded into the ‘bulk freight’ part of a vehicle, putting it in close proximity to heavy and massive freight, increasing the risk of damage.

If the carton is heavy, write ‘HEAVY’ in bold letters next to it and the weight next to it. Most transportation businesses mandate a maximum liftable weight per item of 17kgs for Occupational Health and Safety concerns.

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Consider splitting down a carton that weighs more than 17kg into two pieces (each less than 17kgs).

Businesses may consider tying a carton weighing more than 17 kilograms to a skid (a tiny version of a pallet) so that forklifts can lift it.

If you are unable to break down the carton, have someone ready at the pickup and delivery destinations to assist the driver in loading and unloading the item.

Courier Guy Prices In South Africa

The courier guy pricing in South Africa is based on the sending and destination you will want your package to be delivered, also weight and packaging counts when pricing your delivery.

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