Prices Of Gas Cylinders In South Africa

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A gas cylinder is a pressure vessel used to store and contain gases at pressures higher than atmosphere. Bottles are another name for high-pressure gas cylinders.

Depending on the physical features of the contents, the stored contents may be compressed gas, vapor over liquid, supercritical fluid, or dissolved in a substrate material inside the cylinder.

The valve and fitting for connecting to the receiving apparatus are located at the top of the elongated gas cylinder, which stands upright on a flattened bottom end.

The term cylinder should not be confused with the term tank, which refers to an open-top or vented container that stores liquids under gravity, while the name scuba tank is widely used to refer to a cylinder that supplies breathing gas to an underwater breathing device.

Types Of Gas Cylinder

Since glass-fibre composite materials were utilized to reinforce cylinders, high-pressure containers can be built in a variety of ways:

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Only metal is allowed. Forged metal that is mostly seamless. There are, however, welded steel tanks for lower operating pressures, such as liquid butane.

Metal vessel with a hoop wrapped just around the cylindrical part of the “cylinder” in a fiber composite. (The cylindrical region requires twice the tensile strength of the spherical caps of the cylinder, according to geometry.)

Thin metal liner totally covered in matrix material (which maintains the vessel tight but does not contribute to the working pressure).

Plastics-based metal-free liner that is totally encased in fiber material. The boss, which is located in the center of the cylinder’s head(s), is still made of metal and includes the valve’s thread.

Valve Connections

A stop angle valve is normally found near the top of a gas cylinder. A cap may be placed over the protruding valve during storage, shipping, and handling while the gas is not in use to protect it from damage or breaking off if the cylinder falls over.

Cylinders usually include a protective collar or neck ring around the service valve assembly instead of a cap.

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The cap is removed and a pressure-regulating assembly is fitted to the stop valve when the gas in the cylinder is to be used at low pressure.

A pressure regulator with upstream (inlet) and downstream (outlet) pressure gauges, as well as a downstream needle valve and outlet connection, are common features of this attachment.

The outlet pressure of liquid gases in storage, such as propane, is determined by the vapor pressure of the gas and does not fall until the cylinder is nearly empty, albeit it varies depending on the temperature of the cylinder contents.

The downstream pressure is controlled by adjusting the regulator, which limits the maximum flow of gas out of the cylinder at the pressure indicated by the downstream gauge.

The outlet connection is connected to whatever requires gas. The regulator will have a flowmeter on the downstream side for some applications, such as shielding gas for arc welding.

Common Cylinder Valves

Common cylinder valves
Gas type CGA valve outlet (USA) BS valve outlet (UK)
Acetylene 510 2, 4
Air, breathing 346, 347 3
Air, industrial 590 3
Argon 580, 718, 680 (3500 psi), 677 (6000 psi) 3
Butane 510 4
Carbon dioxide 320, 716 8
Carbon monoxide 350, 724 4
Chlorine 660, 728 6
Helium 580, 718, 680 (3500 psi) 3
Hydrogen 350, 724, 695 (3500 psi) 4
Methane 350 4
Neon 580, 718 3
Nitrogen 580, 718, 680 (3500 psi), 677 (6000 psi) 3
Nitrous oxide 326, 712 13
Oxygen 540, 714 3
Oxygen mixtures (>23.5%) 296 Other guides apply
Propane 510 4
Xenon 580, 718 3
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Prices Of Gas Cylinders In South Africa

Below are the prices of Gas Cylinder in South Africa.

  • Alva Gas Cylinder 5KG. R796.00.
  • Cadac Gas Cylinder 3KG. R673.00.
  • 10% OFF. Alva Gas Cylinder 9 Kg. R999.00. R899.00.
  • Cadac Gas Cylinder 5KG. R748.00.
  • Alva Lighter Gas Canister 300 Ml. R51.00.
  • Gas Leak Detection Spray 125ML. R102.00.
  • Cadac 3KG Gas Cylinder – Blue. Bargains.
  • Cadac Gas Cylinder – 3KG. R673.00.

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