How To Apply For A Job At Gibela

As you may already know, Gibela is one the leading companies in South Africa who are experts in train maintenance, technical support and the manufacture, and supply of spare parts.

Obviously, there are numerous job opportunities available at Gibela that you may want to apply for. Consequently, we will guide you on how to apply for the various jobs available at Gibela in South Africa.

About Gibela In South Africa

Gibela was established in 2013 as a black economic empowerment company – the Gibela Rail Transport Consortium includes French rail company Alstom and South Africa’s Ubumbano Rail.

Gibela was awarded a R51-billion contract by the South African government to manufacture 600 trains for the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). The magnitude of this contract comprises of train maintenance, technical support and the manufacture and supply of spare parts.

At the moment, state-of-the-art X’trapolis MEGA commuter trains are in the process of being produced. The manufacturing process is taking place at Gibela’s custom-built R1-billion factory in South Africa’s Ekurhuleni metropolis.

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Gibela Jobs In South Africa

Gibela is training thousands of disadvantaged South Africans, especially women, in technical skills for both Gibela and the manufacturing industry at large. And this is due to Gibela’s contractual obligations to PRASA.

Gibela keeps drawing scores of South African companies, most of them black-owned start-ups, into its supply chain and works to better the lives of folks in its neighbouring communities.

At peak of its project, Gibela will create 1500 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs via the supply chain over a 10-year period.

Job Opportunities Available At Gibela In South Africa 

With respect to your qualification, you can apply for a job at Gibela in any of the following disciplines (or vacancies) listed below:

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  • Engineering
  • Environmental, health and safety
  • Economic development
  • Legal and contracts
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Sourcing and supply chain
  • Quality management
  • Artisans

How To Apply For A Job At Gibela

Visit Gibela career website, where Gibela lists all open vacancies. After, if a particular vacancy suits you and you meet the requirements, register and apply directly online.

Preselection. At this stage, you are picked or selected by Gibela based on examining your qualifications.

Interview invitation. Gibela uses this opportunity to know you better and provide more details on the position.

Face-to-face interview. You will embark on face-to-face interview with Gibela’s Human Resources Department and the hiring manager.

Second interview. There will be another interview provided the first interview goes through successfully.

References and various tests. You will be required to perform several online tests at this stage, at Gibela”s office or at a third-party location. You will be allowed to perform a pre-employment medical test as well.

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With respect to the outcomes of the agreement between you and Gibela”s Human Resources Department, a final offer will be made.

Gibela Jobs Are NOT For Sale

Have this in mind before you encounter fraudster. Gibela’s recruitment process doesn’t involve unsolicited offers of employment, nor does it come with advance payments from applicants.

The only instance where Gibela will contact you is when you have applied for a vacancy through their careers website, or if you were contacted straightway by any of their authorised recruitment staff.

Moreover, Gibela will not demand your personal banking information thru mail or by any other means. All fraudulent activities should be reported to Gibela by contacting them on +27 (0)800 992 213. On the other hand, you can forward your report to the police.




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