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Roofing Tiles Prices In South Africa


Welcome to yet another informative content from In todays article, we will be looking at roofing tiles prices in South Africa. Stick with us and enjoy this piece.

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Roof tiles are usually produced from locally accessible materials such as terracotta or slate, and are meant to keep rain out. Concrete, metal, and plastic are also utilized, and some clay tiles are coated with a waterproof finish.

Roof tiles are nailed to the roof’s framework and ‘hang’ from there. The tiles are normally strung in parallel rows, with each row covering the row below it to keep rainfall out and hide the nails that hold the previous row in place.

Roof tiles are also available for specific locations, such as where the planes of the various pitches intersect. Ridge, hip, and valley tiles are among them. These can be mechanically fastened or bedded and pointed in cement mortar.

Tile has been utilized to create a protective weather envelope to the sides of timber frame buildings, similar to roof tiling. The tiles are carefully shaped to cover corners and jambs and are mounted on laths fastened to wall timbers.

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The exposed end of these tiles is frequently curved to create a decorative appearance. The so-called mathematical tile, which was hung on laths, nailed, and then grouted, is another example. This type of tiling imitates brickwork and was created to offer the look of brickwork while avoiding the 18th century brick taxes.

Shapes Of A Roofing Tile

Flat tiles – the simplest type, which are laid in regular overlapping rows. An example of this is the clay-made “beaver-tail” tile (German Biberschwanz [de]), common in Southern Germany. Flat roof tiles are usually made of clay but also may be made of stone, wood, plastic, concrete, or solar cells.

Plain clay tiles – The size of the plain clay tile 10+1⁄2 by 6+1⁄2 inches (270 mm × 170 mm) was originally defined by statute in 1477 during the reign of Edward IV. These are double-lap tiles made originally from clay but more recently in concrete. They are specified generally for their aesthetic properties. The colour were generated through the control of the kiln atmosphere to generate either red, brown or blue tiles depending on the degree of reduction in the kiln. Some tiles are still manufactured in this traditional way.

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Imbrex and tegula – an ancient Roman pattern of curved and flat tiles that make rain channels on a roof.

Roman tiles – flat in the middle, with a concave curve at one end and a convex curve at the other, to allow interlocking.

Pantiles – with an S-shaped profile, allowing adjacent tiles to interlock. These result in a ridged pattern resembling a ploughed field. An example of this is the “double Roman” tile, dating from the late 19th century in England and US.

Monk and nun tiles, also called mission or barrel tiles – semi-cylindrical tiles laid in alternating columns of convex and concave tiles. Originally they were made by forming clay around a curved surface, often a log or the maker’s thigh. Today barrel tiles are mass-produced from clay, metal, concrete or plastic.

Interlocking roof tiles – similar to pantiles with side and top locking to improve protection from water and wind.

Antefixes – vertical blocks which terminate the covering tiles of a tiled roof.

Solar tiles: In 2005, Dow Chemical Company became the first company to produce solar roof tiles, and numerous other companies soon followed suit.

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They have a similar appearance to traditional roof tiles, but they contain a solar cell that generates sustainable energy. SolarCity and Tesla collaborated to create a hydrographically printed tile that looks like a conventional tile from the street but is transparent to sunlight when looked straight on.

Roofing Tiles Prices In South Africa

Roofing Tiles Prices
Concrete Roof Tile Mono Ridge Terra Cotta MARLEY R63.00
Concrete Roof Tile Hip Starter Terra Cotta MARLEY R53.00
Concrete Roof Tile Hip Starter Slate MARLEY R53.00
Concrete Roof Tile Hip Starter Red MARLEY R53.00
Concrete Roof Tile Double Roman Terracotta R9.90
Concrete Roof Tile Double Roman Slate R9.90
Concrete Roof Tile Double Roman Red R9.90
Concrete Roof Tile Cappe V Ridge Slate MARLEY R63.00
Concrete Roof Tile Butt Ridge Hip Starter Slate M11 R55.00
Concrete Roof Tile Butt Ridge Hip Starter Brown M11 R55.00
Concrete Roof Tile Butt Ridge Hip Starter Black M11 R55.00
Concrete Roof Tile Butt Joint Hip Starter Terra Cotta MARLEY R52.20


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