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Sand is a naturally occurring material that is granular, loose, and fractured, and is composed of particle matter such as rock, coral, shells, and so on. Sand is finer than gravel but coarser than silt.

Sand’s exact composition changes based on its source and the conditions present at that site. Silica (silicon dioxide), often in the form of quartz, is the most common element of sand in in-land continental regions. Sand formed over millions of years by organisms such as coral and shellfish is often aragonite, a kind of calcium carbonate.

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Uses of sand

Sand is widely utilized in construction, where it often adds bulk, strength, and stability to other materials such as asphalt, concrete, mortar, render, cement, and screed. Sand can also be used as a base layer known as ‘blinding,’ which is spread over a layer of hardcore to give a clean, level, and dry surface for construction work. It can also be utilized as a decorative material in landscaping in its raw form.

Sand is used in the liquid state to make glass, and it is also used to shape metal casting. It can be used as an abrasive in the sandblasting process, which cleans structural elements, steelwork, and other materials. Sand is also used to make sandpaper.

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Types of sand

The different classifications of sand are:

  • Particle size: 0.6-2 mm (coarse sands), 0.2-0.6 mm. (medium sands), 0.06-0.2 mm (fine sands).
  • Particle shape: Angular, subangular, rounded, flat, elongated.
  • Texture: Rough, smooth, or polished.
  • Composite soil types: Classified as ‘sandy gravel’ or ‘gravelly sand’. Clayey composites are described as plastic or cohesive. Silty composites are described as non-plastic or of low plasticity.
  • Structure: Homogenous, inter-stratified, heterogeneous, or weathered.

About CashBuild

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Building Sand Prices Cashbuild

The price of Building Sand at cashbuild is R28 per 40kg.

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