Wholesale Cabinet Fittings Shops in South Africa

In this post, I am going to do my best to take you through all the wholesale cabinet fittings in South Africa, where to locate them and the necessary contact details to get in touch with them.

If you are reading this post, you probably wholesale cabinet fittings to sale or for a specific project. You might be already familiar with how this business is operated and are searching for wholesale fitting stores you can do business with.

For readers who might not be familiar with the business, cabinet fittings are used by carpenters or furniture companies to fix hinges in kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and more.

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Cabinet fittings wholesale suppliers are in high demand in South Africa. We did a great work by getting a list of all the wholesale cabinet fittings. See them below.

Wholesale Cabinet Fittings Shops in South Africa

Cabinet Fittings SA

Cabinet fittings SA is arguable one of Mzanzi’s biggest wholesalers of cabinet fittings in South Africa. It has everything from hinges to knobs and all items in between. It is a wholesale cabinet fitting shop and supplies products to client at unbeatable prices.

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You can locate them at Johannesburg and Cape Town.



When it comes to installing new kitchen cabinets, adding built-in cupboards, and replacing hardware, Home-Dzine goes to one source to get all of the necessary hardware, handles, and fittings…

Cabinet Fittings in Bulk.

They provide an incredible collection of cabinet and door accessories and fittings, as well as the largest selection of hardware for making your own furniture.


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