Sliding Door Prices In South Africa

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A sliding door is a type of door that slides horizontally, usually parallel to the wall, to open. Sliding doors can be suspended from a track above or set on top of a track below. Instead than sliding along the outside of the parallel wall, some types slide into a space in the parallel wall in the direction of movement.

Pocket doors, sliding glass doors, center-opening doors, and bypass doors are all examples of sliding doors. Shower doors, glass doors, screen doors, closet doors, and van doors are all examples of sliding doors.

Sliding Door Gear

Sliding door gear is the mechanism that operates a sliding door. There are two types of rolling systems: top-hung and bottom-hung. Both sorts of seals aren’t perfect. Brush seals are widely used to improve sound insulation and minimize air and smoke tightness.

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Top-hung sliding doors

The ‘top-hung’ arrangement is the most common. The door is hung by two trolley hangers at the top of the door that run in a hidden track; the hangers bear the entire weight of the door, making it easier to move.

A track stopper is installed at each end to absorb any impact if the door is slammed and to keep the door open or closed. A maximum weight limit per pair of trolley hangers applies to all top-hung sliding door gear systems.

Because the door is hanging from two points at the top, it requires a bottom track/stay roller to keep it from swinging sideways. The most popular type is ‘clear threshold guiding,’ which is a 60 millimetre (2.4 in) wide floor-fixed plastic guide that is installed below the door at the halfway of its run.

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The bottom of the door has a groove that goes over this guide, preventing the door from moving to the side. The panel of a glass door travels through the guide as shown. When the door is open, the floor is clear because the door is always engaged in the guide; hence, the term “clear threshold.”

Bottom-rolling door gear

When a top-hung system can’t be utilized because the door’s weight can’t be supported from above, a bottom-rolling system can be employed instead.

Two rollers (often called sheaves) at the bottom of the door run on a track, and two guides at the top run in a guide channel in a bottom-rolling system. Because the door’s whole weight is focused on the two bottom wheels, it takes more force to move the door than a top-hung arrangement.

Lift-and-slide door gear

A lift-and-slide door is a sliding door that is lifted from the frame when opening and shutting. This results in a tighter seal, less draught, and improved soundproofing.

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Sliding Door Prices In South Africa

Below are the prices of sliding doors in South Africa.

Door & Frame Aluminium Sliding Universal 1800x2100mm Silver Clr Kenz R2,809.00
Door Aluminium Pivot Valencia S10B OI 1200 x 2100 Bronze R6,999.00
Door Aluminium Sliding 1500x2100mm Bronze SD1.5BR R2,779.00
Door Aluminium Sliding 1800x2100mm Natural SD1.8N R3,099.00
Sliding Door 1.8m Large Pane Right Hand Door R13,899
Slide ‘n Space Styla Slider (890 x 2070mm) R2,500
Slide ‘n Space Mahogany Slider 1 Side Mirror 1 Side R4,500
Alglasico Aluminium Sliding door OX – Bronze (1800 x 2100mm) R2,199
Slide ‘n Space Robe Melamine Slider Door (930 x 2450mm) R2,500
Slide ‘n Space Robe Mirror Slider Door (640 x 2450mm) R2,600


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