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JoJo’s Rainwater Harvesting Solution comprises of a tank that collects rainwater. It necessitates the construction of a pre-filtration system as well as appropriate guttering and pipes to deliver rainwater to the tank. Rainwater collected is primarily suitable for low-grade applications.

A JoJo tank does not harm the water; nevertheless, the quality of the entering water may be a concern. Please keep in mind that water collected from a building’s roof will not be clean. If you need to consume water from the tank in an emergency, it must be cleansed.

JoJo tanks are available in a variety of styles and sizes in South Africa, and it is critical to select the appropriate style and size.

Types Of JoJo Tanks

Standard Duty, Medium Duty Or Heavy Duty Tanks

Firstly, what will you be storing in the JoJo tank? If it iFirst and foremost, what will you be storing in the JoJo tank? If it’s water, you can go with a standard duty water tank (SG 1).

If the JoJo tank will be subjected to rough treatment, such as farm animals rubbing against it, a medium duty (SG 1.4) or heavy duty (SG 1.6) JoJo tank may be preferable. If the tank will be used to store liquid chemicals such as fuel or industrial chemicals, the medium or heavy duty versions of JoJo tanks must be used (medium and heavy duty tanks are generally referred to as chemical tanks).

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The ‘SG’ refers to the specific gravity of the substance that the tank will be suitable for keeping; once we know the type of substance to be stored and its concentration, we can advise you on which tank to choose through JoJo Tanks’ technical department. The walls of medium and heavy duty JoJo chemical tanks are thicker than those of normal duty tanks.

Vertical Or Horizontal Tanks

The most common type of tank is the vertical JoJo tank, which is used to store water or other liquids in a permanent area. Horizontal tanks are used to transfer water or other substances like gasoline.

JoJo vertical tanks come in normal, medium, and heavy duty types and are divided into two categories: vertical and low profile vertical tanks. Low profile tanks are typically chosen when a certain capacity tank must fit beneath a low structure.

The JoJo Slimline family of tanks (750 litre capacity) are also categorized as vertical tanks. These are often used to gather small amounts of rainwater for garden use, and their compact profile and appealing appearance fit nicely against any urban wall.

Horizontal JoJo tanks are typically available in normal, medium, and heavy duty capacities. Stand-alone horizontal tanks are typically used to transport water on the backs of pick-ups/bakkies or trucks. Some of the larger JoJo horizontal tanks serve as the foundation for custom-built water tankers.

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If hard use is anticipated, the medium or heavy duty variants of the tank are preferable. When transporting fuel or other chemicals, the medium or heavy duty versions must be used. Horizontal tanks are also used to store water or other liquids in fixed places because of their low profile, which allows them to be erected in limited spaces.

Underground Or Above-ground Tanks

When deciding between above-ground and underground tanks, space and aesthetics are important considerations. JoJo Tanks manufactures a 6000-litre underground tank that is well-built and, when correctly fitted, may be placed beneath driveways. Keep in mind that installation time and costs will be significantly higher than for a typical vertical tank.

Size Of JoJo Tank To Choose

This is determined by the intended use of the stored water (or other liquid). Rainwater harvesting is becoming more popular in South Africa, and large amounts of rainwater can be gathered and stored for residential use. If the roof area of the house is small and rainfall in the area is light, the Slimline 750 litre rainwater tank (perhaps with an additional 750 litre buffer tank) will adequate if the rainwater will be used for limited garden irrigation. Click here to learn how to determine the size of your rainwater tank based on your roof area and rainfall patterns.

Homeowners frequently make the mistake of building rainwater tanks that are too small, causing the tanks to overflow quickly during a heavy storm. 5000 litre JoJo vertical water tanks are frequently the best choice for the ordinary home, whether they are used to store rainwater or borehole/other water. Businesses and hotels use a lot more water (and their rooftops can collect a lot more rainfall); 10000 litre, 15000 litre, or 20000 litre water tanks connected in series make more sense in this instance.

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JoJo Tank Colour To Choose

The well-known ‘JoJo green’ is JoJo’s standard color for vertical water tanks (standard duty, SG 1). JoJo vertical water tanks come in a variety of colors, including red, royal blue, black, khaki brown, bushveld green, wintergrass, and stormy sky. White/natural, light blue, and light yellow JoJo chemical tanks are offered. Sandstone, twilight shadow, and meadow green are among the new colors offered. Very rural locations and wildlife lodges, muted colors like bushveld green or khaki brown blend in well.

When JoJo tanks with darker colors are placed in the open, under the sun, they tend to heat up to greater temperatures – not so essential if the tanks are used to store irrigation water, but maybe an issue for residential water supply.

JoJo Tank Sizes And Prices At Cashbuild

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