Meranti Wood Price. Full Details

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Meranti Wood is a versatile wood that comes in a range of subspecies and sources. The majority of meranti wood species are used in residential construction and are imported to the United States from Southeast Asia. Meranti is one of the easiest hardwoods to work with since it cuts, machines, and sands effortlessly. Meranti Wood is a cost-effective hardwood that is used for moulding, furniture, construction, windows, cupboards, and door trim for plywood.

Is Meranti Grown In South Africa?

Meranti is a composite of several subspecies (Shorea) that are brought from South East Asia. Meranti is a robust and easy-to-machine timber that has been used for many years in the manufacture of doors and windows in South Africa.

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Is Meranti Wood Suitable for Furniture?

Meranti’s straight-grain uniformity results in long, straight pieces of lumber. Meranti wood has an exposed grain, which should be sanded and primed before painting.


Meranti is one of the easier hardwoods to work with. It machine, cuts, plants, and sands effectively. Meranti has a dulling effect on woodworking tools due to a specific amount of silica in the wood. Steel sharp edges, bits, and blades cut meranti easily, while carbide-tipped sharped edges and tools are recommended for production-level work. Meranti has an open pore structure and a coarse, stringy surface.

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Meranti’s straight-grain arrangement implies that it is ideally suited to planers and surfaces, yet a precise amount of interlocking grain can cause meranti to fragment. When parallel grain designs are turned 90 degrees, they produce interlocking grain designs. When blades or cutters cut across the perpendicular grain, it can cause the grain to rise.

Advantages Of Meranti Wood

Meranti is a versatile wood with excellent nailing, bolting, and gluing capabilities. Meranti is an easy wood to varnish, paint, or stain. Because of its open grain structure, surfaces should be sanded before finishing. It is commonly utilized for a wide range of indoor decorative applications as well as window frames.

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Meranti Wood Price In South Africa

Below are the prices of Meranti Woods in South Africa

Col Timbers Hardwood PAR Quadrant (22 x 94 x 3000mm) R569
Col Timbers Hardwood PAR (44 x 44 x 1800mm) R299
Col Timbers Hardwood PAR Quadrant (22 x 144 x 3000mm) R869
Col Timbers Hardwood PAR (22 x 220 x 3000mm) R1,299
Col Timbers Hardwood PAR (22 x 22 x 3000mm) R129
Col Timbers Hardwood Quadrant – Untreated (32 x 32 x 2400mm). R239


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