Wholesale Plastic Bottle Suppliers And Prices In South Africa. Full Details

Welcome to our blog, in this post, I am going to take you through wholesale plastic bottle suppliers and prices in South Africa. Kindly stay with us if you are looking for the best packaging solutions for your products.

Sometimes the package might be just as significant as the content. It is the bottle that will protect and keep the content safe till it is consumed. When it comes to beverages and other liquid items, we want them to last as long as possible and be packaged in a way that is easy to handle for both ultimate customers and transport logistics personnel.

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When it comes to non-solid items, pet bottle is arguably the most prevalent container. Its advantages and plastic moulding techniques are the reasons for its popularity. Another marketing weapon is packaging, and a pleasant, easy-to-handle, and eye-catching design can have a big impact on sales. Furthermore, keep in mind how simple it is to recycle plastic bottles, making this type of packaging one of the most environmentally friendly solutions.

Learn about the various benefits of using this material as well as the best wholesale plastic bottle suppliers in South Africa.

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Advantages Of Plastic Bottle Usage

Below are some of the benefits of plastic bottles:

  • It is a long-lasting and tough substance that is difficult to break and re-usable.
  • It is less expensive than other materials, such as glass.
  • It’s also safer because it doesn’t shatter into jagged fragments.
  • It can be shaped and coloured in a variety of ways.

Plastic Bottle Companies In South Africa 

1. Studex (Midrand)

2. Plastic World (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg)

3. Nioro Plastics (Cape Town)

4. Little Bums

5. Cleansui

6. Dairypack (Johannesburg)

7. T3 Plastic Packaging CC (Kempton Pack)

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8.  E Liquid Concentrates (Johannesburg)

9. Bizeecorp (Lady Smith)

10. Q-Pet (Cape Town)

Wholesale Plastic Bottle Prices In South Africa

The wholesale prices of plastic bottles vary depending on the size and the company that manufactured them. After scouring through some online wholesale plastic bottle stores online we found out the price of wholesale plastic bottles in general ranges between R 0.12 to R 2.02 per bottle depending on the type of bottle you want.

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