Veranda Concrete Pillars Prices

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Most of us get caught up in the intricacies of making a home look beautiful by optimizing vistas and having open spaces that give it a rich feel while creating one.

Then reality sets in, particularly when we consult a professional architect who advises that a huge room may require a load-bearing column in the center to be structurally sound, or that the patio roof may require a few additional support columns in the center to remain stable even in high winds.

The concept of having a column in the center of a space can be distasteful since it takes away the impression of openness, yet it is unavoidable for the purpose of your home’s safety.

Don’t worry if you’re wondering how to solve this problem! We give numerous unique ideas for home pillar designs that you can use to transform a plain column into a distinctive feature that integrates in with the rest of your home. Today, we’ll show you how to decorate concrete columns and brick pillars to bring beauty and practicality to your home.

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Structural columns are required in an outdoor space such as a patio or veranda to give support for the roof that protects the dining area from the weather. However, you may get creative and break up the monotony of straight veranda or terrace pillars by adding a few geometric design accents, as seen in this example.

About Pillars

Columns and pillars are vertical structures that support a much bigger structure, such as a horizontal beam or a building. In modern homes, pillars can serve a useful purpose or merely be beautiful. They can be made of various materials such as cement, brick, or stone, or a combination of these materials. Remember to include these columns into the general interior design of your home to make it visually appealing. Take a look at these chic house pillar ideas.

Types Pillar Designs

Minimalist Style

The concept of minimalist style design is gaining popularity. When extending it to the pillars, you can choose a simple shape. When it comes to the colour, pick neutral tones that bring a sophisticated look to the overall space.

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Carved pillars

Beautiful carvings on a pillar may give the overall space a vintage feel. With cement, you may create novel design patterns such as flower designs. While this style of house pillar design can be utilized inside the home, it looks more beautiful when used outside, such as at the front entrance or on the patio.

Pillar Design With Stone Bricks Base

As the foundation, construct cement pillars above stone blocks. When creating a pillar, combining two materials might improve the house’s aesthetic appeal. The design’s distinctiveness and grace are unparalleled in any area. The stone base also adds a rustic appeal to the structure while providing sturdy stability.

Cement Columns

As a supporting element for the porch, classic concrete columns painted white with railings are used. This home pillar design is reminiscent of the colonial-style columns that add to the overall grandeur of the construction. The pillar design is popular in high-end residences.

Round House Pillars

Round house pillars are traditional architectural components. To enhance the beauty of home interiors, the pillars can be constructed in a variety of styles and materials. They also go nicely with the minimalist aesthetic because they don’t have any excessive decorations. They can, however, be embellished with appealing carvings.

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Traditional Wooden Pillars

Wooden pillars, such as the ones shown in the image below, are a common architectural component of a traditional south house. The rustic style imparted by the wooden pillars, the magnificent carvings, and the crimson flooring give the house a special appeal.

Terrace Pillars

The house pillars can also be used to support the roof of the home, which is where the terrace is located. These pillars can be created to enhance the front door with elegant carvings or themes. They also make enough room for pleasant seating arrangements.

Veranda Concrete Pillars Prices

Below are the prices of veranda concrete pillars.

Building Column 2500mmx200mmx9mm NUTEC R809.00
Building Column 2500mmx350mmx12mm NUTEC R1,689.00
Building Column 2500mmx350mmx12mm NUTEC R1,689.00
Column Decorative Header and Footer 320mm R159.00
Column Header and Footer 250mm R159.00


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