STC30 Testimonies On Cancer. What you should know

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About STC30

STC30 is an immune booster & a cell resetting treatment for ailments such as HIV, Anemia, Asthma, Cancerous cells, Endometriosis or Fibroids, Diabetes, Hypertension, Ulcer, Rheumatism, Back pain, Sexual enhancement, Hair loss, Adhesion or Scar tissues & Wrinkles, Severe migraine, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Infection related problem, Polyps in the Uterus, Ectopic or Tubal Pregnancy, Ovarian Cyst, Painful/Irregular menstruation, Prostate problem, Low Sperm Count, e.t.c.

The STC30 is a treatment for more than 130 ailments, it’s a stem cell treatment which resets and enhances the whole body cells. This product is a natural plant cell extract majorly from plants such as Cantaloupe extract, Bilberry extract, Apple stem cell extract, Grape stem cell extract, Vitamin C, Blackcurrant, e.t.c.

Other Benefits Of STC 30

  1. Experience Healthy Aging: 
    Because of the ability of the product to stimulate the human body cells to renew itself and produce new cells. It can manage over 134 ailments. skin conditions, ulcers, diabetes sores, stroke, brain injuries, low sperm count, baldness, blindness and many more.
  2. Ability to reverse ailments: 
    By directing phytotech to differentiate into specialized cell types, there is the exciting possibility to provide a renewable source of replacement cells for those suffering from diseases. The potential to reverse ailments is also very much achievable with it.
  3. Ability to reverse gene defects: 
    Hereditary Defects — Even more promising is the potential to address hereditary defects that are present from birth by restoring function and health with the introduction of normal healthy cells that do not have these defects.
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STC30 Testimonies On Cancer

The number of disorders for which stem cell treatments have been proved to be effective is still small. Hematopoietic (or blood) stem cell transplantation, for example, bone marrow transplantation, is the most well-defined and widely utilised stem cell treatment to cure certain blood and immune system abnormalities or to rebuild the blood system following cancer treatments.

Grafting or implanting tissues can be used to treat some bone, skin, and corneal (eye) injuries and disorders, and the healing process rely on stem cells within the implanted tissue. The medical community considers these treatments to be safe and effective. All additional stem cell applications have yet to be validated in clinical studies and should be regarded as highly experimental.

Below are some testimonies of STC30 on cancer in the Philippines.

“I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy, I had dark spots all over my body, since taking Superlife STC30, my life has improved and I have the strength to fight my illness. After 7 months of taking the product, the cancer cells no longer metastasize.”

– Tina (Laguna)

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“I recuperated faster from my pneumonia upon taking Superlife STC30 and I can now do my day to day activities without any discomfort.” – Carmen (Cavite)

How To Use Superlife STC30 STEM CELL for Effective Results

  • An individual is to pour the STC 30 into the mouth and swallow it immediately after you empty the contents under the tongue. Note that you can do this because of its sweet flavour.
  • Make sure you don’t swallow it because swallowing it will make the medication not to be effective. This is because the digestive system will neutralize it and the liver will metabolize it.
  • Please ensure you don’t dissolve STC30 once it is under the tongue like you would have done to a coffee.
  • Please ensure that you don’t talk when the medication is under your tongue because it’s in powdered form, so you don’t spill it out.
  • Make sure you take it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. And ensure it is administered under the tongue so that it can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream.
  • One hour after taking a sachet of stc30, you can then be free to drink some water and to take your medication that is if you are on medication.
  • Make sure during the course of the day to drink at least 2 litres of water.
  • Note that you must be in the upright sitting posture when taking STC30.
  • Ensure you don’t smoke an hour before or after taking stc30.
  • Please hold STC30 under the tongue for an average of 10-15 minutes until it dissolves.
  • Please sit still and comfortably while it dissolves under the tongue.
  • Note that you must wait at least an hour before drinking water or taking food. This is because absorption might still be going on.
  • The STC 30 dosage is one sachet daily. Note that it is not advisable to exceed the normal dosage of 1 sachet per day.
  • Ensure you give half sachet per day to underage children.
  • Note that one box contains 15 sachets which last for 15 days.
  • In case you are taking STC 30, please do not stop taking your medication.
  • Please always remember that the sachet is best opened using a razor blade or scissors, rather than using your teeth.
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