Security Doors Locks Prices In South Africa

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The term “door security” or “door security gate” can refer to a variety of methods for securing doors against door breaching, ram raiding, and lock picking, as well as preventing crimes like burglary and home invasions. Commercial and government facilities, as well as domestic settings, use door security.

Some reinforced doors also serve as fire doors, preventing or slowing the spread of fire.

Security Door Devices


Designed to warn of burglaries.


Smart locks: Only persons having an electronic key fob or a near-field communication device, such as a smartphone, will be able to open the door. Landlords like these devices because they allow them to enable and disable digital access without having to send out keys. If the locks are struck during a break-in attempt, they can record the times of entrance and activate an alarm.

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Deadbolts — Unlike normal spring latches, these often have a locking mechanism that prevents the bolt from being retracted by force or shimming, and it can only be moved to the open position by spinning the key.

Household And Commercial Uses

  • a deadbolt lock
  • a door chain
  • a locking door handle
  • an electromagnetic lock, which holds a door shut when electricity is supplied to it
  • a keycard lock, commonly used on hotel doors
  • a mortise lock, a lock installed in a hollowed-out pocket within a door
  • a rim lock, a lock fixed to the exterior of the door
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Residential Security

Solid wood doors, panel doors (hollow and solid core), metal skinned wood-edged doors and metal edge-wrapped doors, and Fiberglass doors are the most common types of doors used in residential applications (strongest of the residential type). Door frames are usually made of solid wood. Wood is widely used in residential doors.

Construction pros advise that steel doors with a multi-locking system be included in your security checklist. To retain a natural aesthetic in their external look, this style of door frequently comes with a wooden finish.

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Security Doors Locks Prices In South Africa

Below are the price of security doors locks in South Africa.

Yale 5 Lever Swing Gate Lock (2pk) R 368 each
Yale Patio Door Lock (Brown) R 165 each
Yale Patio Door Lock (White) R 160 each
Yale Patio Door Lock (Grey) R 167 each
Euro Brass Lock Night Latch Brass R 385 each
Jaguar Security Gate Lock Duo R 320 each
DB Engineering Patio Door Cylinder PPDC – Cut Key R 171 each
Yale Cylinder Gate Lock R 492 each
Jaguar Garage Lock R01 Brs R 180 each
Ultra Lock Large R 260 each


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