Charcoal Stove Price In South Africa

There is very little information about charcoal stove prices online. Due to that, our team took it upon ourselves to get the latest prices of charcoal stoves in South Africa, where to buy and the specifications.

If you are reading this article it is obvious that you need a charcoal stove to buy or would want to know more about them. Stick and stay as we bring you every details. Thank you.

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Charcoal stoves can be used for normal cooking, grilling, barbecue, roasting and a lot more.

Charcoal is charred wood, which has lost most volatiles in the production process and has a low moisture content. Thus it emits far less particles when burnt as compared to wood-fire.

It is an energy-dense light-weight (on energy value per weight), easy-to-handle, and therefore convenient fuel, which burns without producing much smoke other than during lighting. These properties make it a preferred fuel especially in urban and peri-urban areas. For more information on charcoal as a fuel see

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Benefits of charcoal stove

  • Burns with little smoke
  • Provides clean and steady source of heat
  • Takes up less storage space

Where to buy charcoal stove in South Africa

You can get a brand new stove from popular online stores such as gumtree and konga.

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Price of Charcoal Stove

The prices of charcoal stoves varies from store to store. See below the price list of charcoal stoves in South Africa and their contact details.

Stove Price Seller’s Contact
Coal and wood steel stove R 3,100 0724827871
Steel Stove for Wood and Coal. Good Quality Steel! R1,900 0607961340
Coal and wood steel stove R 2,800 0747063155
“NEW Unique Coal/Wood Stove” R 4,500 0724827871


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