Can I Claim UIF If I Absconded from Work?

I am pretty sure you’re here to find out if you can claim your unemployment Insurance Fund if absconded from work.

Well, the answer to this question is not straight. We will delve into all circumstances and whether or not UIF can be claimed.

According to the South African Government, you are only entitled to claim UIF once you’ve been a successful contributor to the scheme.

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To get funds disbursed, you must immediately apply as a work seeker and apply for the UIF benefits as soon as you become unemployed within six months of termination of your working contract.

Can I Claim UIF if I absconded from work?

To tackle this issue, the pressing question to ask is “Why did you abscond from work?”. If you feel the reason for absconding from work is compelling enough, you can be pardoned.

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Also, for those who resign, you may claim your UIF benefits if CCMA considers the resignation as constructive dismissal.

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Conclusion on absconding from work

Absconding from work is generally a bad work ethic. If you really want to claim unemployment benefits, you need to have been punctual during your working periods.

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