PVC Pipe Fittings Prices. Full Details

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For standard sizing, PVC pipe and fittings employ a nominal system. This is done to ensure that any parts with the same size in their name are interchangeable. For example, all 1″ fittings will fit on 1″ pipe.

That appears to be fairly basic, doesn’t it? The problem is that the outer diameter (OD) of PVC pipe is bigger than the size specified in the name. That means a 1″ PVC pipe will have a larger OD than a 1″ PVC fitting, and a 1″ PVC fitting will have an even larger OD than the pipe.

The nominal size is the most critical consideration when working with PVC pipe and fittings. A 1″ fitting will fit on a 1″ pipe, whether it is schedule 40 or schedule 80. So, despite the fact that a 1″ socket fitting has an opening that is wider than 1″, it will fit on a 1″ pipe because the OD of that pipe is likewise greater than 1″.

You may need to utilize a PVC fitting with non-PVC pipe at some point. In this scenario, the nominal size is less relevant than the OD of the pipe you’re utilizing. They will be compatible as long as the OD of the pipe is the same as the inner diameter (ID) of the fitting they are going into.

A 1″ fitting and a 1″ carbon steel pipe, on the other hand, may not be compatible simply because they have the same nominal size. Make sure to do your homework before spending money on items that may or may not be compatible with one another!

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Types Of PVC Fittings

The following is a list of some of the most popular PVC fittings on the market. Each item includes a description of the fitment as well as potential usage and applications. Visit the product pages for each of these fits for more information. When shopping for fits, keep in mind that each fitting has an infinite number of iterations and applications.


PVC tees are fittings having three ends, two straight and one at a 90-degree angle on one side. Tees are used to break a line into two distinct lines with a 90-degree connector. Tees can also link two lines into one main line. They are also frequently utilized in PVC structures. Tees are a type of fitting that is incredibly adaptable and is one of the most commonly used pieces in plumbing. Although most tees have sliding socket ends, threaded versions are also available.


You will need to bend your pipeline around with PVC elbows if you need your piping system to turn or get around something in the way. Elbows are most often found at 90-degree and 45-degree angles, allowing you to direct your pipeline however you choose. Side elbows are a somewhat distinct type of piece that is typically utilized as a corner in projects like canopies, tents, displays, and boxes. They have three ends rather than two. Although most elbows have sliding socket ends, threaded versions are also available.

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Crosses are a significantly less common type of fitting that connects four sections of pipe. They have four slip connectors that meet at 90-degree angles to produce a “plus” shape (S x S x S x S). When constructing a framework out of PVC pipe, PVC cross fittings are commonly employed. Crosses can give a lot of structural integrity to a structure. They can also be used to divide fluid flow in multiple directions.

Couplings and Unions

Couplings are one of the simplest (and most affordable) forms of PVC fittings. They are a tiny part that permanently joins or “couples” one part to another. They may connect pipe to pipe and fitting to pipe. Some even reduce to allow you to connect a tiny pipe to a large pipe or vice versa. Couplings are offered with either slip or female-threaded ends, depending on the application.

Unions, like couplings, connect things, but they are a temporary solution that can be readily dismantled. PVC unions are frequently used in the construction of temporary constructions, such as tent supports, and can be disassembled when the structure is no longer required. They have a ring in the middle that separates the two.

Caps and Plugs

Caps have a very simple job: stop the flow. They are put on the end of a pipeline that does not need to be connected to another pipe. They can stop a pipeline that you plan on expanding later or give you easy access to a system when needed. They can also add a finished look to pipe in PVC building projects. Caps go around or outside the pipe, so they can have either a socket or female-threaded end.

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Bushings are similar to adapters, however they are used to join pipes of different diameters by lowering the fitting. (Bushings cannot reduce pipe length.) Bushings are commonly threaded, which distinguishes them from other types of fittings. This enables multiple types of connections and simplifies pipeline maintenance and modification. Bushings are commonly used in landscaping and aquaculture applications since they operate better with water than rusty metal fittings.


Flanges are fittings that allow accessories and other items to be attached to pipe. They can also improve the tensile strength of a pipe. The most frequent sort of flange is situated at the toilet’s base. Flanges are disc-shaped fittings that provide a tight seal by forcing two surfaces together using bolts, clamps, edges, or compressive force. Most flanges, on the other hand, employ bolts to connect the two surfaces. Slip or threaded PVC flanges are available. Flanges are typically built of schedule 80 PVC due to the strength required.

PVC Pipe Fittings Prices

Below are the prices of pvc pipe fittings in south africa.

Marley Pipes Underground PVC Right Hand 45 Degree Junction R275
Marley Pipes Underground PVC Left Hand 45 Degree Junction R270
Speedfit Stop Valve – White (22mm) R265
Marley Pipes Astore Compression 90 Degree Elbow R227
Marley Pipes PVC Soil and Vent 87.5 Degree Single Access Heel Junction – White (110mm) R219


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