PVC Pipe Connectors Prices. Full Details

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Fittings and their compatibility with not only one another, but also with the tubing or pipe they’re meant for, might be one of the most challenging issues in irrigation design and installation. You’ve probably heard a variety of terms for different types of PVC fittings, such as Slip, Socket, Spigot, Slide, and Bite. Even seasoned industry professionals may be perplexed by this.

Types Of PVC Fittings/ Connectors


A slip fitting is frequently confused with a slide fitting, which is sometimes known as a slide repair fitting. Slip fittings are not able to slide or telescope. A PVC slip fitting is simply a fitting with no threads or barbs in this context. Slip does not indicate male or female, only whether or not there are threads. A slip fitting is one that has no threads and is made up of a pipe that slips into a fitting or a fitting that slips into a larger fitting.

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These are frequently confused with slip fittings, but they are not the same thing. A slide fitting (also known as a slide repair fitting) can be male or female, threaded, slip, or bite. They’re called slides because they’re adjustable and can slide in and out to provide more or less length via telescoping motion. As a result, they are ideal for making repairs in a run of PVC pipe. Slide fittings are available in slip, threaded, barbed, and biting configurations.


Although not threaded, a bite fitting is not a slip fitting. It has teeth that bite into pipe or tubing to lock it in place rather than threads. These are also known as “Lock” fittings; the fitting in the image is a PVC-Lock fitting. They function similarly to slip fittings in that you push the pipe into the fitting, but instead of slipping in (thus the name) and being cemented into place, they engage the fitting’s teeth to form a secure connection.


As the name implies, PVC Snap fittings “snap” onto PVC pipe. They must still be solvent welded (primer and cement), but they make new connections more easier than cutting out the appropriate amount of tubing and then attaching a tee. You just apply the primer/cement to the snap tee and then snap it on over the PVC pipe. Then, using a drill, make a hole in the pipe to allow water to flow through the new tee. It should be noted that PVC snap fittings should only be used with PVC pipe and not with other fittings.

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A socket fitting denotes a female fitting, whereas a spigot denotes a male fitting. A socket/spigot fitting can function as both a socket and a spigot. A 12″ socket connection, for example, can fit over 12″ PVC pipe or inside a larger 34″ PVC fitting.

This is where most people get confused, because it’s not always clear that a fitting can be linked directly to another fitting rather than to the pipe. This enables the use of reducers and adapters that would not otherwise be viable or available. It should be noted that socket/spigot slip fittings are compatible with a wide range of fittings, not simply white PVC fittings. Remember that the spigot end of a fitting has the same outside diameter as pipe to assist you maintain them straight.

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PVC pipe will never function as a female connector. This is because the interior diameter varies. PVC pipe is nominally sized, which means that the interior diameter can vary, but the average will be close to the specified size. This indicates that a 1″ PVC pipe with an internal diameter of 0.95″ to 1.09″ can be used.

PVC Pipe Connectors Prices

Below are the prices of pvc connectors in South Africa.

Marley Pipes Underground PVC Right Hand 45 Degree Junction R275
Marley Pipes Underground PVC Left Hand 45 Degree Junction R270
Speedfit Stop Valve – White (22mm) R265
Marley Pipes Astore Compression 90 Degree Elbow R227
Marley Pipes PVC Soil and Vent 87.5 Degree Single Access Heel Junction – White (110mm) R219


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