Where To Buy Sewing Patterns Online In South Africa

Sewing patterns are mostly talked about in sewing and fashion design. I will propose to anyone looking forward to begin a DIY sewing project to follow a sewing pattern in order to make their desirable clothes.

If you need more information on sewing patterns, keep on reading this post. More importantly, for people in South Africa, we’ve listed all the places where you can buy sewing patterns online. Also, the prices of sewing patterns in South Africa has been given as well.

DIY means; Do it yourself !

Details About Sewing Patterns

What Are Sewing Patterns?

In simple terms, an instructional guide that lays out or presents to you how to assemble fabric into clothing, is known as sewing pattern.

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Sewing pattern is a model (or template) of a garment made out of paper purposely to be laid onto fabric, traced, and cut out. Sewing patterns come with modifications which enable you to adapt them to a pre-set range of sizes, fits, and shapes.

What Are Used To Make Sewing Patterns?

Sewing Patterns are made of paper or sturdier materials such as paperboard or cardboard. These materials are usually used to make the sewing pattern more robust in order to withstand periodic usage.

What Are The Importance of Pattern Making in Fashion and Apparel Design?

Patterns are produced so that the same fashion style can be replicated when needful. In such instances, multiple pieces can be made without necessarily starting from scratch.

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Types Of Sewing Patterns

What Are The Types Of Sewing Patterns?

Sewing patterns are usually grouped into two types and, these are paper patterns and digital patterns.

Paper patterns are the traditional store-bought patterns that usually come in an envelope. However digital patterns are printed offline, usually from home. These days, technology has advanced so much that, pattern making can be done on computers using softwares such as TUKA CAD.

Where To Buy Sewing Patterns Online In South Africa

There are many places in South Africa where you can buy sewing patterns. There are many fashion stores where you can do that!

What Are The Fashion Shops To Buy Sewing Patterns In South Africa? 

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To mention few, you can buy sewing patterns in South Africa from fashion shops like Sure-Fit Designs (Germiston), Habby And Lace (Vereeniging), Fabric8 (Cape Town), Sew Easy (Centurion), Johannesburg Sewing Centre (Johannesburg), Cape Town Sewing Centre (Cape Town), StitchWitch (Pretoria), etc.

Where Can You Buy Sewing Patterns Online In South Africa? 

Online sites where you can buy sewing patterns in South Africa are many, however to mention few, you can buy sewing patterns online from:

  • Takealot.com
  • Stitch & Go
  • Fabric8 
  • And etc. 

Price Of Sewing Patterns In South Africa

In South Africa, you can buy a sewing pattern at a cost around R 100 to R 200. Prices may increase with time.


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