Polar Ice Cream Factory Shop Price List. Full Details

Are looking to have a nice ice cream time with your kids? Then this is the right place to be. This post will help you to know polar ice cream factory shop price list just before you and your family step out. 

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About Polar Ice Cream?

Polar Ice Cream was first conceived in the early 1990s. According to market studies at the time, South Africans do not consume as much ice cream as those in other countries with similar climates.

According to statistics, each individual consumes about 2 litres of ice cream per year, which is among the lowest rates in the developed world. The British ate four times as much ice cream as we did in South Africa, the Swedes roughly eight times as much, and the Americans thirteen times as much.

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Polar Ice Cream was founded as a result of this low consumption number, with the goal of providing high-quality ice cream at a reasonable price to all South Africans.

Today, they are an established manufacturer and distributor of ice cream to the South African market. The company has two manufacturing facilities – an export-approved plant in Cape Town and another factory in Gauteng.

How Polar Ice Cream Is Made

Below are the steps in which polar ice cream is made:

1. The ingredients are assembled and weighed according to their recipe

2. Liquid and dry ingredients are then combined in a mixing tank

3. This mix is heated to 60 degrees Celsius in order to fully dissolve
the dry ingredients

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4. The mix is pasteurized in a plate heat exchanger, where it is heated to 85 degrees Celsius and held for 18 seconds. Pasteurisation is required in order to destroy any harmful microorganisms (we call them pathogenic bacteria) present

5. The mix is homogenized by forcing it through a narrow opening under great pressure and velocity. By reducing the fat globule size to less than 2 microns, this prevents fat separation and improves the body and texture of the finished product

6. The mix is then cooled to 10 degrees Celsius by a cooling section of the plate heat exchanger

7. The mix is then pumped to an ageing vat, where it is cooled further and then held overnight to age. This allows many beneficial changes to take place

8. Flavour and colour is then added

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Polar Ice Cream Factory Shop Price List In South Africa

Type of Ice Cream  Size Price (Rand)
Ice Lollies Box of 30 39.00
Milk Lollies  Box of 30 65.00
Ice and Milk Loly split Box of 30 60.00
Eish Box of 20 57.00
Woza Box of 16 40.00
Choc 99 Box of 20 80.00
Rave Swirl Box of 20 65.00
Bananabery Choc overload Box of 30 65.00
Fruit juice lollies Box of 30 55.00


Type Of Ice Cream  Size  Price (Rand)
Maxi Box of 16 104.00
Cocomint Caramello Box of 20 103.00
Kosmosniks 5L 54.00
NJA 500ml Cups  Box of 12 115.00
125ml Frozen Desert Box of 24 95.00


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