Where To Buy Plain Hoodies In Johannesburg

If you are interested in knowing where to buy quality and affordable plain hoodies in Johannesburg, then I think this post is designed for you. One important thing you will get to know after going through this post is how to find the best plain hoodies that will suit you. Trust me, you’ll find a lot in today’s post.

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  • Types Of Plain Hoodies
  • Where To Buy Plain Hoodies In Johannesburg
  • Price Of Plain Hoodies In Johannesburg

About Plain Hoodies

What To Know About Hoodies

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After hearing the word “hoodie”, a lot of people involuntary visualize a pullover hoodie. In this post, I am going to expose you to as many dissimilar types of hoodies that I could possibly think of.

You may attempt buying different styles or designs and I’m sure I may inspire you to do that. Just go through the different types of hoodies below.

Types Of Hoodies

Pullover Hoodie

Obviously, many are familiar with the pullover hoodie. This type of hoodie is a loose fitting hooded sweater that you just pull over your head to wear. Most often, the fabric used is heavier than a normal sweater.

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Pullover hoodies usually have features such as: a hood with draw strings, long sleeves, kangaroo pocket and a very relaxed fit.

Zip Up Hoodie

Just like pullover hoodies, zipper hoodies are hooded sweatshirts. But then, there are some notable differences in their features.

A zip up hoodie comes with a full length zipper running from the neck to hem line. To add, zip up hoodies may be worn unzipped, opened to regulate temperature or to be differently styled. Unlike pullover hoodies, they are made with lighter fabrics.

Fitted Hoodie

Color Block Hoodie

Raglan Hoodie

Sleeveless Hoodie

Cropped Hoodie

Oversized Hoodie

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Athletic Hoodie

Knitted Hoodie

Baja Hoodie

Fur Hoodie

Cardigan Hoodie

Flannel Hoodie

Tunic Hoodie

Asymmetrical Hoodie

Where To Buy Plain Hoodies In Johannesburg

There are several places where you can buy your plain hoodies in Johannesburg. For instance you can purchase your unisex premium hoodie, full zip unisex premium hoodie, ladies classic hoodie, ladies classic hoodie full zip, etc at:

  • Supermarkets and apparel stores
  • wholesalehoodies.co.za
  • blacktag.co.za
  • Johannesburgsouthafricanlisted.com
  • gumtree.co.za

Price Of Plain Hoodies In Johannesburg

Plain hoodies are usually affordable in Johannesburg. You can buy plain hoodies at a cost ranging from R45.00 – R550.




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