Modelling Agencies In Johannesburg. Full Details

Welcome to our blog, in this post, we will take you through modelling agencies in Johannesburg. Kindly stay with us if you live in Joburg and have a knack for modelling.

What Is A Modeling Agency?

A modelling agency is a firm that represents models seeking work in the fashion business. These agencies make money by charging a commission on the deals they make with models and/or head agencies. Big-budget advertising agencies and fashion designers collaborate with leading agencies.

Why do models need modelling agencies? 

1. For your protection and safety

A professional modelling agency will screen clients and ask the appropriate questions to ensure that they are the proper fit for the agency and you.

Many of the agency’s clients will have long-standing connections with the agency, and it will be able to advise you about the client’s likes and dislikes, as well as the best approach to ensure that the client is delighted with your work.

2. Career Development

It can take years for an agency to build a new model and get it to the point where it will pay off. As a result, agencies are constantly interested in advancing the model’s career in the long run. It’s not just about taking any job or dealing with each client that comes along. It’s all about choosing the appropriate clientele that will determine whether the model becomes a superstar or fades away after one season.

3. Build your brand 

Models have evolved into much more than live coat hangers or voiceless persons who smile and flaunt their gorgeous clothes; they have evolved into “brands.”

A model must be all-encompassing. They must be able to navigate social media, television, and movies, among other things. When choosing models for large campaigns, clients are paying considerably greater attention to the model’s brand.

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A reputable model agency will be able to assist a model in developing their brand and making a name for themselves in the industry.

4. Get Paid What You Deserve

Models have evolved into much more than live coat hangers or voiceless persons who smile and flaunt their gorgeous clothes; they have evolved into “brands.”

Because they know the model is inexperienced and won’t negotiate the best fees for his or her job, some clients will employ models online rather than through a professional modelling agency.

Would you know how much to charge if a customer asked you to do a commercial print ad in which your images appeared in a magazine, on clothing tags, and on a billboard? Most models have no notion of what a fair price is and frequently undervalue themselves, losing thousands of Rands.

Modelling Agencies In Johannesburg

1. Kingclip Casting, Acting and Voice Agency

The Kingclip Casting Agency and Artist Management was created on a dream in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Since our inception in February 2003, we have placed over 10,000 artists and have established ourselves as one of South Africa’s most recognised and successful talent agencies. We are pleased to be home to many of today’s most successful and renowned actors and actresses, thanks to our expert bookers and talent managers who consistently secure the most wanted assignments for our artists. We collaborate with the leading model and casting companies in Gauteng.

2. GAPA Modelling Agencies 

For cinema, TV series, music videos, local and international TV commercials, print advertisements, and fashion editorials, GAPA represents people of all ages, from children to adults.

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GAPA Models, as a long-standing member of NAMA (National Association of Model Agencies), is committed to the protection and promotion of all of our models, artists, talent, and children, and we completely support the association’s high standards.

3. Menace Models 

Menace Models Management is a Johannesburg-based boutique model and talent agency that works with both local and international clients.

By providing a smaller, more customised approach to secure the length of our models’ careers, as well as recognising and exceeding our customers’ expectations, our model management has carved out a niche.

We specialise in supplying models and talent to the entertainment business. Actors, New Faces, TV commercials, promos, catwalk, Fashion, Editorial, voice-over, Extra, Look-book and stills campaigns Women, men, toddlers, teens, and children of all ages, races, and nations are represented by us.

​We are a seasoned agency that takes a personalised approach to recognise each model’s strengths and refine their present abilities, as well as adding value to their careers and portfolios.

4. Legends Actors & Performers Management

Legends Actors and Performers’ Management is one of South Africa’s finest professional acting agencies, with over a decade of experience. While Legends represents a wide range of professional performers, one of our strengths is helping newcomers to the industry find rewarding careers. Ships are the closest thing humans have ever created to dreams, and Legends is run and maintained like a well-oiled vessel.

5. SYNC Model Management

The SYNC Group founded in 2015 by Alessandro Bergman, developed this group for the creative industry as there was a lack of one particular hub for models, artists, casting directors, fashion influencers, creative professionals and magazines, etc, to essentially provide the requirements for each field, thus having one SYNC with another when needed.

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6. Alushi Model 

With its world-class prestige and professional skill, Alushi Models, founded in South Africa in 2008, is one of the fastest growing modelling companies in Johannesburg. Alushi Models takes pride in collaborating with some of South Africa’s most successful casting agencies and high-end editorial clients.

The agency is a member of NAMA (the National Association of Model Agencies), and its members are dedicated to providing a professional service to its models, celebrity talent, and clients. Alushi Models represents a diverse range of men, women, and children on its model and commercial boards, and is always on the lookout for new talent.

7. Little Charmers 

Little Charmers, a top modelling and casting agency in the country, was founded in 2013 and is NAMA (National Association of Model Agencies) registered, specialising in children and teens from birth to 18 years old.

We only sign children to the agency who are 100 per cent ready to take on the industry, resulting in only presenting the best candidates for various local and international TV Commercials, print commercials, Fashion Editorials, Runway Modeling, and more.

8. Rage Model

Rage Models provide professional, industry-ready fashion and commercial models.  We are a diverse and professional agency that cares about our models and aims to place fashion & commercial models by connecting faces with brands.

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