How To Apply For General School Assistant

Those looking forward to apply for General School Assistant should use this post as a guide to get that done smoothly.

We have provided you with a step by step guide to help you apply for school assistant jobs through the Basic Education Employment Initiative in order to become a School’s Assistant using 

About General School Assistant

This is an instructional support work in rendering assistance to teachers in the daily management and instruction of students. 

An employee in this category is responsible for performing white-collar and instructional tasks to relieve teachers of everyday activities and to assist with carrying out daily classroom activities.

The work includes observing and reporting on the behavior and learning of students, and may be designated to a pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or special classroom or a computer learning center/lab, closely monitoring the needs of children including basic personal needs, physical help and occasional restraint.

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Tasks Of General School Assistant

  • Follow instructional schedule developed by personnel working with assistant. 
  • Reinforce skills taught by the classroom teacher to small and large groups. 
  • Assist with instructional activities, (e.g., reads to groups of students, provides library assistance, records information for younger students, listens to students). 
  • Help students with special assignments or academic problems.
  • Work with groups of assigned students. 
  • Encourage safety, work and study habits. 
  • Assist with daily routine tasks, such as cafeteria duty, bus duty, money collection, hall duty, checking student’s work, etc. 
  • Prepare instructional materials as requested. 
  • Assist in fire drill and other building security procedures as requested. 
  • Perform designated learning tasks with students, going over lessons, topics and exercises; demonstrate or explain lessons, ask questions and prompt students for answers; use supplementary learning materials and aids. 
  • Monitor activities in drawing, writing, independent study and other classroom activities. 
  • Escort students on field trips and at school; escort and assist students in physical and playground activities; accompany children to restrooms and assists with toilet if necessary. 
  • Maintain bulletin boards, student records for daily attendance, lunch tickets, health charts and classroom supplies. 
  • May work with students requiring individual or close attention. 
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How To Apply For General School Assistant

For authencity, it’s important you apply on the SAYouth.Mobi website. The procedures on how to apply for General School Assistant are listed below: 

  • Go to the SAYouth website (
  • Create an account
  • Log in with your details
  • In the search bar on the website, you should type ‘school assistant’ or search for the name of the school closest to you
  • A list of jobs available in your area will pop up which will also include the opportunity cards for the schools that are closest to you.
  • Go ahead and apply at schools that you may have easy access to
  • Click the ‘read more’ button which would aid you to view more details about the job
  • Click ‘apply now’ if you are interested in the opportunity
  • Follow the prompts and input the necessary information to complete your application
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  • At the end, you will receive a confirmation that your application has been successful

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