Football Agents In South Africa

Discover the list of football agents in South Africa.  Football is undoubtedly one of the best and most exciting games in south Africa and the world at large. Well, the Americans call it soccer. Popular clubs such as Mamelodi Sundowns FC, Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates, etc have huge fan base in South Africa.

Regardless the joy and fun that football gives to people in south Africa, the business aspect of it is something that cannot be overlooked. For instance: wages of players and the revenue generated by the football clubs as a result of sponsorship deals, sales of jerseys of players and several others.

Obviously, the success of players and football clubs rely hugely on the work of football agents. Undeniably, football agents are involved in player monitoring and transfers, sponsorship deals, club marketing and a whole lot.

Establishing the importance of football agents, let’s take a look at the list of football agents in south Africa, their roles and how you can reach out to them should in case you need their services.

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About Football Agents In South Africa

Football agents are independent bodies that operate on behalf of players and clubs. For instance, their services include: finding suitable football clubs for players, negotiating players salaries and affairs, wellbeing, etc with the football clubs. Football agents in South Africa offer support and technical know-how to the players they manage.

Functions Of Football Agents In South Africa

Football agents in South Africa are involved in player representation, club manager representation, club representation, contract negotiations, wealth management of clients (including bank accounts, investments, insurances; taxes), among others.

How To Become A Football Agent In South Africa

You don’t necessarily need an official qualification to become a football agent in South Africa. The major requirement is to be registered with the Football Association. However, majority of football agents in South Africa have had prior experience as lawyers hence, they have advantages in their chances of succeeding since they frequently deal in legal issues.

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It’s important for a sports agent to acquire education and experience over some time; At least for five (5) years. Also, acquiring bachelor’s degree related to the job is very vital to your success.

In summary, to become a football agent in South Africa, you have to:

  • Critically research the market and gain some legal and business intelligence.
  • Acquire a degree in business management (optional). Sport management courses are accessible in the College of Natural Resources at NC State.
  • Ensure you meet new talents as much as possible and enlarge your network as much as possible.
  • Register or acquire a license in your state. Most of the super agents in the world have been registered by FIFA hence, they have a FIFA license to operate.

How Much Does Football Agents Earn In South Africa

Averagely, PSL signing fee is around R2-million and agents secure (or earn) an average commission of R250,000 – R300,000 a year.

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List Of Football Agents In South Africa 

Below are some popular football agents in South Africa:

The Prestigious Group 

Teko Modise, Ex-Sundowns, Pirates star is the founder of The Prestigious Group.

Prosport International

Mike Makaab, former Orlando Pirates manager is the founder Prosport International.


Pmanagement is owned by Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse. As a professional lawyer, Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse became the first female FIFA-accredited soccer agent in South Africa.


SA-FOOTBALL Agency has 94 players at the moment with a net market value of €5.60m.

Staffs of SA-FOOTBALL Agency include: Aleksey Safonov, Mikhail Cherepovski, Dmitri Maksimchuk, Evgeni Kukanos, Sergey Pushkin, Anatoli Sychev, Taras Vorobel and Aleksandr Kuleshov.

Most Powerful Football Agents In The World

Below are some of the most powerful football agents in the world:

  • Jorge Mendes
  • Pini Zahavi
  • Jonathan Barnett
  • Pere Guardiola
  • Paul Stretford
  • Joel Segal
  • Todd France
  • David Mulugheta
  • Drew Rosenhaus
  • Barry Silkman
  • Cezary Kucharski
  • Jerome Anderson
  • Tim Hager

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