Factory Reject Perfumes South Africa. What you should know

In this post I bring you all you need to know about factory reject perfumes in South Africa. Also included in this article are:

Prices of factory reject perfumes

Where to buy factory reject perfumes

Factory reject perfumes are made for people who cannot afford high retail perfumes. Although not as authentic as the original ones, it is an easy going perfume that gives perfect scent almost like the original ones.

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Perfumes may be rejected at factory due to several reasons. Some include but not limited to the following:

  • Packaging may differ from the original
  • May be slightly discolored
  • May be slightly dented


Where to buy factory reject perfumes

In South Africa, there are few places you can get these perfumes. One of the perfume stores we found is Perfume Pleasure located in Cape Town. See more details about this store below.

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They sell Premium Brand Factory Reject Perfumes. These perfumes are purchased from a local warehouse in SA, where they have been imported from Dubai and various other countries.

These are proper Alcohol based Perfumes which are Boxed and sealed in their original Packaging

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Prices of factory reject perfumes

The prices are very cheap due to its quality. You can get up to 60% discount on reject perfumes. To purchase, use the contact details below.

Telephone: +27 82 687 9845

Facebook Page: Click HERE

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