Aluminium Kitchen Doors Prices

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Aluminium is the most sturdy and long-lasting material, as well as the easiest to clean and maintain. As a result, quality double and triple glazed aluminium doors are the most expensive option on the door market. Aluminium doors are frequently utilized in commercial buildings and retail establishments.

Nonetheless, they are also excellent for residential properties. High-end aluminum doors can be constructed in a wide range of shapes, styles, and configurations in big sizes. Precision made aluminum (extrusion) profiles are anodized, then powder-coated in every color to your preference and design approach (pantone or RAL).

High-quality aluminum door frames have good qualities; however, their acoustic and thermal attributes are not exactly equivalent to those of uPVC and timber door frames. SCS’s international suppliers have nearly addressed this slight gap through the implementation of the multi-air chamber and thermally broken framing systems.

Aluminium doors with double or triple glazing are an excellent alternative for large glazing units or glass fronts in your house or company. Your options are limitless due to the material’s strength and longevity.

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The glass pane is suspended mechanically but not visibly by point locking in the rebate in the particular configuration of flush-fitted glazing in the frame. This results in the smooth and appealing aspect that many architects incorporate into the design of high-end residential and commercial structures.

The relatively high price of aluminum goods is attributable to rising raw material prices as a result of increased demand on foreign markets. As a result, double and triple glazed aluminium doors cost more than uPVC and timber doors.


Aluminum is a long-lasting material that requires no maintenance, making it more environmentally friendly. Aluminum is a less expensive material than wood, making it more cost effective. Aluminum resists rust, which is good news because it makes them suitable for use in any weather condition, including near the sea.

Types Of Aluminium Kitchen Doors

Folding Sliding Doors

This aluminium folding door design, often known as a bifold door, is ideal for any house or workplace. Aluminium stacking doors are perfect for facilitating an open-plan layout and feel due to their design and manufacture. The sliding and folding manner in which they open gives rise to the phrase “aluminum folding door design.” Each panel slides, folds, and stacks against the next, creating a huge aperture into the interior. These folding doors have grown in popularity among homeowners who want to leverage the design of aluminium stacking doors to expand their space and create multi-purpose rooms.

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Prima Sliding Doors

This door system has been developed with a modern look in mind. They are ideal for enclosing an area but still allowing it to feel open. This sliding door system is ideal for creating separate offices or boardrooms in patio areas, as well as in office spaces.

Palace Multi Sliding Doors

With this door system, you can give a wow factor and grandeur to any entryway. These sliding doors are larger than the normal sliding door system and serve as a focal point in any building. Depending on your demands, this glass door system can be made up of many panels and now offers a multi-door sliding option.

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Knysna Sliding Doors

This door system is well-known for its smooth, light sliding movement, as well as its dependable and secure locking mechanism. With its design appeal, they seamlessly merge into any setting. They are good at sealing against water and air penetration, making them ideal for coastal areas and areas prone to extreme weather.

Aluminium Kitchen Doors Prices

Below are prices of aluminium kitchen doors in south africa.

Door Aluminium Single Valencia S10S+Solid OI 900 x 2100 Bronze R5,069.00
Door Aluminium Horiz Bottom Glass Top 900×2100 LH White R3,709.00
Door Aluminium Sliding 1800x2100mm OX White R3,109.00
Door Aluminium Horiz Bottom Glass Top 900×2100 LH Charcoal R4,159.00
Door Aluminium Single Elegance S10S OI 900x 2100 Bronze R4,089.00


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