19 kg Gas Cylinder Prices in South Africa. Full Details

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What Is A Gas Cylinder? 

A gas cylinder is a pressure vessel for storing and containing gases at pressures greater than atmospheric pressure. High-pressure gas cylinders are also known as bottles.

The stored contents may be compressed gas, vapour over liquid, supercritical fluid, or dissolved in a substrate material inside the cylinder, depending on the physical characteristics of the contents.

At the top of the extended gas cylinder, which sits upright on a flattened bottom end, is the valve and fitting for connection to the reception device.

Materials Used For Making Gas Cylinder 

Due to design rules, application standards, and material prices, steel with no welds was chosen for most gas cylinders; the steel is treated to withstand corrosion. New lightweight gas cylinders have been developed using stainless steel and composite materials. Because of the great tensile strength of carbon fibre reinforced polymer, these containers can be very light, but they are more complicated to produce.

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Cylinders reinforced or built up with a fibre material must be inspected more frequently and more thoroughly than metal cylinders, for example, every 5 years rather than 10 years. It’s possible that they have a limited lifespan.

Inspection intervals for steel cylinders have been increased from 5 to 6 years to 10 years. Diving cylinders used in the water must be inspected more often. Due to structural defects revealed during testing, certain steel and aluminium alloys have been phased out of service.

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Gas Cylinder Types

Because cylinders were reinforced with glass-fibre composite materials, high-pressure containers can be constructed in a variety of ways:

  • Metal Only. Forged metal that is mostly seamless. There are, however, welded steel tanks for lower operating pressures, such as liquid butane.
  • Metal vessel with a hoop wrapped just around the cylindrical part of the “cylinder” in a fibre composite. (The cylindrical region requires twice the tensile strength of the spherical caps of the cylinder, according to geometry.)
  • Thin metal liner is totally covered in a matrix material (which maintains the vessel tight but does not contribute to the working pressure).
  • Plastics-based metal-free liner that is totally encased in fibre material. The boss, which is located in the centre of the cylinder’s head(s), is still made of metal and includes the valve’s thread.
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19kg Gas Cylinder Specification


Weight 19 kg
Tare Weight The TARE WEIGHT, the  bottle with NO gas, is stencilled onto the top of the bottle.  The TARE Weight can vary between 16.40 Kgs to 18.76 Kgs
Height 800mm approx
Diameter 275mm approx
Use With 27mm clip on regulator


19 kg Gas Cylinder Prices In South Africa

Are you thinking of getting yourself a 19kg gas cylinder? If yes then you are in luck because we have all the prices right here. 

The average price of a 19kg gas cylinder goes for R699.00 in South Africa. 

19kg gas cylinder with gas filled inside will cost you R 1001.20 including VAT. If you do not have your own gas cylinder this option is best for you because it gives you the option to make a R345 deposit on the cylinder. 

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